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  • v1.5.5 Changes

    December 02, 2017

    🔖 Version 1.5.5: Released 2/DEC/2017

    • Detailed list of changes:
      • mrpt_base_grp
      • Added methods mrpt::utils::CFileStream::clearError() and mrpt::utils::CFileInputStream::clearError()
      • mrpt_nav_grp
      • mrpt::nav::CHolonomicFullEval now uses an internal sin/cos LUT cache for improved performance.
      • Build system:
      • octomap is no longer exposed in public headers, avoiding the dependency propagation.
      • BUG FIXES:
      • Fix likelihood computation in mrpt::maps::CReflectivityGridMap2D (which led to crash)
      • Fixed regression in particle resampling affecting RBPF-SLAM methods. Introduced in Dec. 2016 with this commit.
      • Wrong argument type: CStream::Seek() must allow signed offsets.
  • v1.5.4 Changes

    November 01, 2017

    🔖 Version 1.5.4: Released 31/OCT/2017

    Detailed list of changes:

    • [mrpt-base]
      • Fix potential uninitialized value in CRobot2DPoseEstimator::getLatestRobotPose()
        MRPT_getCompilationDate() returns time as well
    • [mrpt-gui]
      • mrpt::gui::mrptEventMouseMove: Added new mrpt::gui windows event type.
    • Smart pointers:
      • All mrpt::utils::CObject derived classes:
      • In MRPT <=1.5.3, there was a typedef Foo::SmartPtr => FooPtr.
      • In MRPT >=1.5.4 is has been replaced by Foo::Ptr => FooPtr for compatibility with MRPT >=2.0.
        📦 stlplus smart pointers in MRPT 1.5.4 now have C++11 shared_ptr-compatible methods, to ease the transition towards MRPT 2.0 in user code (in particular, for MRPT ROS packages). Also, a new template mrpt::prt_cast<TARGET_PTR>::from(ptr) is provided to write user code compatible with both MRPT >=1.5.4 & >=2.0.0.
    • 👷 Build system:
      • Fix MRPTConfig.cmake for system octomap libraries.
      • Fix package-contains-vcs-control-file (.gitingore) Lintian error.
      • Fix compiling without liboctomap-dev in Ubuntu PPA.
    • 🐛 BUG FIXES:
      • Fix waypoint reactive navigator edge case in which "end event" won't be issued.
      • Fix waypoint reactive navigator error while doing final aligning (missing and dupplicated nav-end events).
      • Fix aborting reading from LMS111 scanner on first error.
      • Fix corrupted pointers in CNetworkOfPoses after copy or move operations.
      • Fix invalid TP-targets generated during reactive navigation.
      • Fix memory leak in reactivenav engine.
      • Fix potential out-of-range access in CObservation3DRangeScan::convertTo2DScan()
      • Fix potential SIGBUS in armhf (patch by Steve Langasek) inside mrpt::utils::CTicTac