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GPGPU focused graphics engine for OpenGL 4.3 aiming to present a Vulkan-like API.
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TensorFlow v2.2.0-rc2

A new version of TensorFlow has been released
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blaze vs Eigen

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  • blaze - high-performance C++ math library for dense and sparse arithmetic. [BSD]
  • Eigen - A high-level C++ library of template headers for linear algebra, matrix and vector operations, numerical solvers and related algorithms. [MPL2]


A free open source portable number theoretic multiple-precision integer library written entirely in C. [PublicDomain & WTFPL] website
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An efficient feature complete C++ bittorrent implementation. [BSD]
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Restbed vs C++ REST SDK

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  • Restbed - C++11 Asynchronous RESTful framework. [AGPL]
  • C++ REST SDK - C++ REST SDK (previously named Casablanca). [Apache2]

toml++ v1.0.0 - TOML config file parser and serializer for C++17

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Pistache is a C++ REST framework written in pure C++11 with no external dependency. [Apache2]
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IntelliSense Code Linter for C++ | C++ Team Blog

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doctest vs Catch

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  • doctest - The lightest feature rich C++ single header testing framework. [MIT]
  • Catch - A modern, C++-native, header-only, framework for unit-tests, TDD and BDD. [Boost]

Static analysis in GCC 10

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C++Cast: C++ Build Insights

Rob and Jason are joined by Kevin Cadieux and Sy Brand. They first discuss a blog post on Memory Access Patterns and the Clang 10 release. Then they talk about C++ Build Insights, Kevin tells us how vcperf can be used to find places where build performance can be improved in your code. Sy then goes over some of the other recent updates to Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.
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Efficient binary serialization format "like JSON" for C/C++. [Apache2] website
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Requires-clause | Andrzej's C++ blog

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  • Modern CMake tutorials, part1: CMake basics
  • Changes between C++17 and C++20
  • Forbidden C++ - was waiting for that GOTO moment
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Skia vs Cairo

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  • Skia - A complete 2D graphic library for drawing Text, Geometries, and Images. [BSD] webpage
  • Cairo - A 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices. [LGPL2 or Mozilla MPL]

Wt 4.3.0 released! (widget-based C++ web framework)

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Nameof C++

Nameof operator for modern C++
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Snappy vs zstd

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  • Snappy - A fast compressor/decompressor. [BSD]
  • zstd - Zstandard - Fast real-time compression algorithm

Build C++ from source: Part 1/N - Improving compile times

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Tutorial: C++20's Iterator Sentinels

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FlatBuffers vs MessagePack

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  • FlatBuffers - A Memory efficient serialization library. [Apache2]
  • MessagePack - Efficient binary serialization format "like JSON" for C/C++. [Apache2] website


C++ library for creating an embedded Rest HTTP server (and more)
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Changes between C++17 and C++20

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cJSON vs json-c

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  • cJSON - Ultralightweight JSON parser in ANSI C
  • json-c - A JSON implementation in C. [MIT]

EA Standard Template Library

EASTL stands for Electronic Arts Standard Template Library. It is an extensive and robust implementation that has an emphasis on high performance.
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Vector of Objects vs Vector of Pointers And Memory Access Patterns

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