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Five Awesome C++ Papers For Kona 2019 ISO Meeting

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Dynamic Animation and Robotics Toolkit
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Low-cost Deterministic C++ Exceptions for Embedded Systems

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An efficient feature complete C++ bittorrent implementation. [BSD]
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My thoughts on, and plans for, the future of Catch2

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bgfx vs magnum

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  • bgfx - A cross-platform rendering library. [BSD]
  • magnum - C++11 and OpenGL 2D/3D graphics engine. [MIT] website

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Interactive CLI for modern C++ v1.0 Released

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Jansson vs cJSON

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  • Jansson - C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data. [MIT]
  • cJSON - Ultralightweight JSON parser in ANSI C


A game engine, a framework for 3D rendering and game development for Python and C++ programs. [Modified BSD] website
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Some C++ On Sea Talks are available! Go watch Kate's keynote!

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spdlog vs G3log

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  • spdlog - Super fast, header only, C++ logging library.
  • G3log - Asynchronous logger with Dynamic Sinks. [PublicDomain]

Video: Introduction to C++ for Unreal Engine 4

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Awesome C++ Newsletter ยป 139

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  • Microsoft: 70 percent of all security bugs are memory safety issues | ZDNet
  • shared_ptr<T>: the (not always) atomic reference counted smart pointer
  • Beware of copies with std::initializer_list!
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Bedrock is a simple, fast and distributed databased based on SQLite
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Opus vs Vorbis

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  • Opus - A totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile audio codec. [BSD]
  • Vorbis - Ogg Vorbis is a fully open, non-proprietary, patent-and-royalty-free, general-purpose compressed audio format. [BSD]


A cross-platform library mainly aimed for video games and multimedia programming. [zlib]
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Catch vs Boost.Test

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  • Catch - A modern, C++-native, header-only, framework for unit-tests, TDD and BDD. [Boost]
  • Boost.Test - Boost Test Library. [Boost]

Reduce Compilation Times With extern template - Simplify C++!

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HTTP and WebSocket implementations built on Boost.Asio
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imgui vs nuklear

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  • imgui - Immediate Mode Graphical User Interface with minimal dependencies. [MIT]
  • nuklear - A single-header ANSI C gui library. [PublicDomain]


Fast Dense and Sparse Multidimensional Array DBMS. [MIT]
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Expat vs Libxml2

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  • Expat - An XML parser library written in C. [MIT]
  • Libxml2 - The XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome. [MIT]

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2 Lines Of Code and 3 C++17 Features - The overload Pattern

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Wolf Engine

The Wolf is a comprehensive set of C++ open source libraries for rendering
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Moving iterators in C++

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