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Compiler Explorer is 10 today!

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std::relocate's implementation is cute

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The CImg Library is a small and open-source C++ toolkit for image processing
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Cross-platform C++17 Runtime Reflection Library
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RFC: Improving Clang’s Diagnostics - Clang Frontend

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Pure Virtual C++ 2022 Recordings Available

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Kratos Multiphysics

Kratos Multiphysics (A.K.A Kratos) is a framework for building parallel multi-disciplinary simulation software. Modularity, extensibility and HPC are the main objectives. Kratos has BSD license and is written in C++ with extensive Python interface.
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  • How different is C++ from C? Contrasting simple Unix SORT programs
  • C++20 coroutines explained simply
  • Lars Knoll steps down as the Chief Maintainer of the Qt project
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Sliding Window Algorithm (With Java, C++ and Python Code)

In this article, we discuss what is the sliding window Algorithm and its implementation in three different programming languages.
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Read-only mirror of
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Lars Knoll steps down as the Chief Maintainer of the Qt project

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Read-only mirror of
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Testing framework Catch2 3.0 final released

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Convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files.
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vcpkg May 2022 Release is Now Available

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How can I synthesize a C++20 three-way comparison from two-way comparisons?

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C++ Templates – A detailed overview

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C++20 Ranges Algorithms - 11 Modifying Operations

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Insight Toolkit (ITK) -- Official Repository. ITK builds on a proven, spatially-oriented architecture for processing, segmentation, and registration of scientific images in two, three, or more dimensions.
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Check Types with Concepts

Concepts are a powerful and elegant tool to check at compile time if a type fulfills. Thanks to static_assert, you can use concepts as a standalone feature: static_assert(Concept).
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High-performance C++ library for multiphysics and multibody dynamics simulations
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The 3 software tools that C++ developers should know

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What is YOUR theme?

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GD Graphics Library
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Initialize a Vector in C++ (8 Easy Methods)

Are you looking to understand the vector concept but finding it difficult to understand. Don't worry we will get you covered with the vector initializing concept. Let us gain insights into the different methods to initialize a vector in C++.
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A Fast and Easy to use microframework for the web.
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Event loop friendly C++ actor micro-framework, supervisable
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CppCast: Podcast News and Updates

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