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Newton Dynamics

An integrated solution for real time simulation of physics environments. [zlib]
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Expat vs Libxml2

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  • Expat - An XML parser library written in C. [MIT]
  • Libxml2 - The XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome. [MIT]


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The Rule of Zero in C++

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ultra fast and flexible web server / framework for web applications developed in C. [ISC]
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ClangJIT: Enhancing C++ with Just-in-Time Compilation

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A library for constructing graphs of media-handling components. [LGPL]
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GnuTLS vs OpenSSL

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  • GnuTLS - A secure communications library implementing the SSL, TLS and DTLS protocols. [LGPL2.1]
  • OpenSSL - A robust, commercial-grade, full-featured, and Open Source cryptography library. [Apache] websire


A cross-platform application and UI framework. [LGPL]
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A small, open source, C++ toolkit for image processing. [Own LGPL or GPL]
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C++17/20 Features and Fixes in Visual Studio 2019

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Google Test vs Catch

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  • Google Test - Google C++ Testing Framework. [BSD]
  • Catch - A modern, C++-native, header-only, framework for unit-tests, TDD and BDD. [Boost]

bgfx vs magnum

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  • bgfx - A cross-platform rendering library. [BSD]
  • magnum - C++11 and OpenGL 2D/3D graphics engine. [MIT] website

MessagePack vs FlatBuffers

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  • MessagePack - Efficient binary serialization format "like JSON" for C/C++. [Apache2] website
  • FlatBuffers - A Memory efficient serialization library. [Apache2]

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  • Understanding when not to std::move in C++
  • Professional, zero-cost setup for C++ projects (Part 1 of N)
  • An Alternative Design to Iterators and Ranges, Using std::optional
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Header-only library for using Keras models in C++. [MIT]
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termbox vs Ncurses

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  • termbox - A C library for writing text-based user interfaces. [BSD]
  • Ncurses - A terminal user interfaces. [MIT]

Robotics Library (RL)

A self-contained C++ library for robot kinematics, motion planning and control. [BSD]
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Jansson vs cJSON

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  • Jansson - C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data. [MIT]
  • cJSON - Ultralightweight JSON parser in ANSI C

goma(Google's internal distributed compiler service) is open-sourced.

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MongoDB C Driver

MongoDB client library for C. [Apache2]
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In-Editor Documentation for CMake in Visual Studio | C++ Team Blog

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spdlog vs Boost.Log

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  • spdlog - Super fast, header only, C++ logging library.
  • Boost.Log - Designed to be very modular and extensible. [Boost]

An Alternative Design to Iterators and Ranges, Using std::optional

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An open-source, cross-platform system for image analysis. [Apache2 from ITK 4.0]
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Qt Creator 4.9.0 released - Qt Blog

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Log4cpp vs log4cplus

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  • Log4cpp - A library of C++ classes for flexible logging to files, syslog, IDSA and other destinations. [LGPL]
  • log4cplus - A simple to use C++ logging API providing thread-safe, flexible, and arbitrarily granular control over log management and configuration. [BSD & Apache2]


Generic Image Library.
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Professional, zero-cost setup for C++ projects (Part 1 of N)

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