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The Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox. [GPLv3]
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libev vs libuv

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  • libev - A full-featured and high-performance event loop that is loosely modelled after libevent, but without its limitations and bugs. [BSD and GPL]
  • libuv - Cross-platform asychronous I/O. [BSD]

DigitalMars C/C++ Compiler Source Code

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Qt 5.11 released

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MongoDB C++ Driver

C++ driver for MongoDB. [Apache2]
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Version 5.0 of the {fmt} formatting library released

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Sol v2.0 - a C++ <-> Lua API wrapper with advanced features and top notch performance - is here, and it's great! Documentation:
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LZ4 vs zstd

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  • LZ4 - Extremely Fast Compression algorithm. [BSD]
  • zstd - Zstandard - Fast real-time compression algorithm

Meta Crush Saga: a C++17 compile-time game

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Cross-platform rendering and game engine. [Many different, mostly MIT]
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ChaiScript vs Lua

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  • ChaiScript - An easy to use embedded scripting language for C++. [BSD] website
  • Lua - A minimal and fast scripting engine for configuration files and basic application scripting. [MIT]


Introduces structured concurrency in C. [MIT]
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An implementation of the TLS/SSL protocols. [Apache]
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How to Make SFINAE Pretty, Part 2: the Hidden Beauty of SFINAE

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Awesome C++ Newsletter ยป 101

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  • Igor's C++ Grimoire
  • 1.22x Performance Improvements in json.h
  • std::accumulate vs. std::reduce
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An open source high performance 3D graphics toolkit. [OSGPL]
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Eigen vs Armadillo

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  • Eigen - A high-level C++ library of template headers for linear algebra, matrix and vector operations, numerical solvers and related algorithms. [MPL2]
  • Armadillo - A high quality C++ linear algebra library, aiming towards a good balance between speed and ease of use. The syntax (API) is deliberately similar to Matlab. [MPL2]

TinyXML vs RapidXml

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  • TinyXML - A simple, small, minimal, C++ XML parser that can be easily integrating into other programs. [zlib]
  • RapidXml - An attempt to create the fastest XML parser possible, while retaining useability, portability and reasonable W3C compatibility. [Boost]

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C++11 and OpenGL 2D/3D graphics engine. [MIT] website
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Stupid C++ namespace tricks

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Rvalues redefined | Andrzej's C++ blog

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std::accumulate vs. std::reduce

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libcurl vs C++ REST SDK

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  • libcurl - Multiprotocol file transfer library. [MIT/X derivate license]
  • C++ REST SDK - C++ REST SDK (previously named Casablanca). [Apache2]


A scalable c++ machine learning library. [LGPLv3]
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spdlog vs G3log

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  • spdlog - Super fast, header only, C++ logging library.
  • G3log - Asynchronous logger with Dynamic Sinks. [PublicDomain]