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zlib replacement with optimizations for "next generation" systems.
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websocket and http client and server library, coming with ws, a command line swiss army knife utility
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CMake Part 2 - Release and Debug builds

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C++ is awesome, here's why...

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Turbo Vision

A modern port of Turbo Vision 2.0, the classical framework for text-based user interfaces. Now cross-platform and with Unicode support.
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Achieving generic bliss with reflection in modern C++

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📟 JSON library for Arduino and embedded C++. Simple and efficient.
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Binary Trees are optimal… except when they’re not.

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CMake Part 1 - The Dark Arts; CMake and embedded C++

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📦 An official xmake package repository
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Migrating Our Codebase C++20 - A Field Report

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CMake 3.21.0 available for download - Announcements

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C++ Requests: Curl for People, a spiritual port of Python Requests
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Software Architecture with C++, Book Review

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Type-generic math and numerical library supporting c99 and cpp98 (header only).
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Parallel Algorithms of the STL with the GCC Compiler

GCC supports my favorite C++17 feature: the parallel algorithms of the Standard Template Library (STL). I recognized this a few days ago, and I'm happy to write a post about it and share my enthusiasm.
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Tried to make Tetris using C++ and SFML

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Super-project for modularized Boost
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JetBrains - The State of Developer Ecosystem 2021: C++

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Experimental, scalable, high performance HTTP server
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