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HPX v1.4.0-rc2

A new version of HPX has been released
New Version


C++ wrapper for libuv. [MIT]
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Duktape vs V8

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  • Duktape - An embeddable Javascript engine with compact footprint. [MIT] website
  • V8 - A fast JavaScript engine by Google that can be embedded into any C++ application. [BSD]


gRPC v1.26.0-pre1

A new version of gRPC has been released
New Version


A lightweight, secure, easy-to-use crypto library for constrained environments. [ISC]
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Easy Creation of GnuPlot Scripts from C++

A simple C++17 library to quickly plot your data with GnuPlot
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ChaiScript vs Lua

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  • ChaiScript - An easy to use embedded scripting language for C++. [BSD] website
  • Lua - A minimal and fast scripting engine for configuration files and basic application scripting. [MIT]

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protobuf v3.11.1

A new version of protobuf has been released
New Version

A Brief Overview of the PVS-Studio Static Code Analyzer

During one of C++Russia conferences, I got acquainted with the team, developing the PVS-Studio code analyzer. Right now, I'd like to hand it over to them. They will make a small overview of this amazing tool, give a few useful links. In addition, they promised to provide you with a small bonus.
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Parsing Expression Grammar Template Library
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C++Cast: Cache Friendliness

Rob and Jason are joined by Björn Fahller. They first discuss articles on the C++ ABI and a blog post on performance analysis. Then Björn talks about cache friendliness, C++ contracts and type safety.
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nuklear vs imgui

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  • nuklear - A single-header ANSI C gui library. [PublicDomain]
  • imgui - Immediate Mode Graphical User Interface with minimal dependencies. [MIT]

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  • How to initialize x from expression y - Howard Hinnant - Meeting C++ 2019 secret lightning talks
  • Introduction into Matrix decomposition with C++
  • Why don't the cool kids like OOP? - Jon Kalb - Meeting C++ 2019 lightning talks
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conan v1.20.5

A new version of conan has been released
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CopperSpice is of a set of C++ libraries used to develop cross-platform software applications.
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GStreamer vs LIVE555 Streaming Media

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  • GStreamer - A library for constructing graphs of media-handling components. [LGPL]
  • LIVE555 Streaming Media - Multimedia streaming library using open standard protocols (RTP/RTCP, RTSP, SIP). [LGPL]

RESTinio v0.6.1.1

A new version of RESTinio has been released
New Version


Fastest RPC in the west
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Introduction into Matrix decomposition with C++

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C++ Format v6.1.0

A new version of C++ Format has been released
New Version


Drogon: A C++14/17 based HTTP web application framework running on Linux/macOS/Unix
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imgui vs CEGUI

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  • imgui - Immediate Mode Graphical User Interface with minimal dependencies. [MIT]
  • CEGUI - Flexible, cross-platform GUI library.

mbedTLS vs OpenSSL

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  • mbedTLS - Tiny crypto suite aimed at embedded development, previously known as PolarSSL. [Apache2]
  • OpenSSL - A robust, commercial-grade, full-featured, and Open Source cryptography library. [Apache] websire


A C++ library that lets developers create applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms with a single code base. [Own LGPL]
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Libxml2 vs Xerces-C++

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  • Libxml2 - The XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome. [MIT]
  • Xerces-C++ - A validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++. [Apache2]


Point Cloud Library is a standalone, large scale, open project for 2D/3D image and point cloud processing [BSD] website
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