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C++ 17 Features

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An efficient feature complete C++ bittorrent implementation. [BSD]
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libevent vs Boost.Asio

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  • libevent - An event notification library. [BSD]
  • Boost.Asio - A cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming. [Boost]



A C++14 high performance video and image processing library. [MIT]
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Duktape vs V8

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  • Duktape - An embeddable Javascript engine with compact footprint. [MIT] website
  • V8 - A fast JavaScript engine by Google that can be embedded into any C++ application. [BSD]

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Pros and Cons of Alternative Function Syntax in C++

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Ranges: the STL to the Next Level

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Newton Dynamics

An integrated solution for real time simulation of physics environments. [zlib]
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Restbed vs C++ REST SDK

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  • Restbed - C++11 Asynchronous RESTful framework. [AGPL]
  • C++ REST SDK - C++ REST SDK (previously named Casablanca). [Apache2]

Plog - portable and simple log for C++

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Minimalist protocol buffer decoder and encoder in C++
Featured library // Category Serialization

Expat vs Libxml2

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  • Expat - An XML parser library written in C. [MIT]
  • Libxml2 - The XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome. [MIT]


A library for constructing graphs of media-handling components. [LGPL]
Featured library // Category Multimedia

RapidJSON vs JsonCpp

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  • RapidJSON - A fast JSON parser/generator for C++ with both SAX/DOM style API. [MIT]
  • JsonCpp - A C++ library for interacting with JSON. [MIT]


A very simple, fast, multithreaded, platform independent HTTP and HTTPS server and client library implemented using C++11 and Boost.Asio. Created to be an easy way to make REST resources available from C++ applications.
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Skia vs Cairo

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  • Skia - A complete 2D graphic library for drawing Text, Geometries, and Images. [BSD] webpage
  • Cairo - A 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices. [LGPL2 or Mozilla MPL]

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  • g++7 is C++17 complete!
  • Add a const here, delete a const there…
  • Measuring execution performance of C++ exceptions vs plain C error codes
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Provides easy to use, powerful, C/C++ embeddable web server with optional CGI, SSL and Lua support. [MIT]
Featured library // Category Web Application Framework

OpenFrameworks vs Cinder

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  • OpenFrameworks - A cross platform open source toolkit for creative coding in C++. [MIT] website
  • Cinder - A community-developed, free and open source library for professional-quality creative coding. [BSD]

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The lightest feature rich C++ single header testing framework. [MIT]
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blaze vs Eigen

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  • blaze - high-performance C++ math library for dense and sparse arithmetic. [BSD]
  • Eigen - A high-level C++ library of template headers for linear algebra, matrix and vector operations, numerical solvers and related algorithms. [MPL2]

g++7 is C++17 complete!

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A general purpose C++ runtime system for parallel and distributed applications of any scale. [Boost]
Featured library // Category Concurrency