CatBoost is a machine learning method based on gradient boosting over decision trees.

Main advantages of CatBoost: * Categorical features support * Reduced overfitting * User-friendly API interface * Fast model inference

Programming language: Python
License: Apache License 2.0
Latest version: v0.24.3

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CatBoost is a machine learning method based on gradient boosting over decision trees.

Main advantages of CatBoost:

Get Started and Documentation

All CatBoost documentation is available here.

Install CatBoost by following the guide for the

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Catboost models in production

If you want to evaluate Catboost model in your application read model api documentation.

Questions and bug reports

Help to Make CatBoost Better

  • Check out open problems and help wanted issues to see what can be improved, or open an issue if you want something.
  • Add your stories and experience to [Awesome CatBoost](AWESOME.md).
  • To contribute to CatBoost you need to first read CLA text and add to your pull request, that you agree to the terms of the CLA. More information can be found in CONTRIBUTING.md
  • Instructions for contributors can be found here.


Latest news are published on twitter.

Reference Paper

Anna Veronika Dorogush, Andrey Gulin, Gleb Gusev, Nikita Kazeev, Liudmila Ostroumova Prokhorenkova, Aleksandr Vorobev "Fighting biases with dynamic boosting". arXiv:1706.09516, 2017.

Anna Veronika Dorogush, Vasily Ershov, Andrey Gulin "CatBoost: gradient boosting with categorical features support". Workshop on ML Systems at NIPS 2017.


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