C++14 libraries

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  • verdigris

    4.1 8.1 C++
    Qt without moc: set of macros to use Qt without needing moc
  • function2

    3.0 5.1 C++
    Improved and configurable drop-in replacement to std::function that supports move only types, multiple overloads and more
  • bredis

    2.6 6.0 C++
    Boost::ASIO low-level redis client (connector)

    2.5 4.2 C++
    Probabilistic Risk Analysis Tool (fault tree analysis, event tree analysis, etc.)
  • Breep

    2.3 4.2 C++
    Event based, high-level C++14 peer-to-peer library. [EUPL-1.1 (OSI approved)]
  • IrrlichtBAW

    2.1 9.6 C++
    GPGPU focused graphics engine for OpenGL 4.3 aiming to present a Vulkan-like API.
  • IXWebSocket

    2.1 9.5 C++
    C++ library for client and server Websocket communication
  • json_dto

    2.0 5.8 C++
    A small header-only library for converting data between json representation and c++ structs
  • Vaca

    1.9 0.0 C++
    An experimental Win32 wrapper for C++ to develop GUI programs
  • mbedcrypto

    1.7 4.2 C++
    a portable, small, easy to use and fast c++14 library for cryptography.
  • strf

    1.5 9.1 C++
    A fast C++ formatting library that supports encoding conversion.
  • Dimwits

    1.3 0.0 C++
    A compact C++ header-only library providing compile-time dimensional analysis and unit awareness
  • sling

    1.1 3.9 C++
    C++ Signals and Slots implementation
  • ptldd

    1.1 0.0 C
    Tracks dependencies for Windows EXE and DLL