This project aims to build a command line tool for probabilistic risk analysis. SCRAM is capable of performing event tree analysis, static fault tree analysis, analysis with common cause failure models, probability calculations with importance analysis, and uncertainty analysis with Monte Carlo simulations. This tool can handle non-coherent fault trees, containing NOT logic.

SCRAM input and report files are based on the Open-PSA Model Exchange Format. For the current status of the Open-PSA MEF features in SCRAM, please see the MEF Support documentation.

A complementary GUI front-end is under development for visualization and manipulation of risk analysis models and reports.

To explore the performance of SCRAM or research fault trees, a fault tree generator script is provided, which can create hard-to-analyze fault trees in a short time.

The documentation contains a full description of SCRAM, its current capabilities, and future additions. The latest stable release is packaged for quick installation on various platforms.

Programming language: C++
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 or later
Tags: Fault-tree     Event-tree     C++14     Risk-analysis     Bdd    
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