Provides two improved implementations of std::function:

* copyable fu2::function * move-only fu2::unique_function (capable of holding move only types)

that provide many benefits and improvements over std::function:

* const, volatile and reference correct (qualifiers are part of the operator() signature). * convertible to and from std::function as well as other callable types. * adaptable through fu2::function_base (internal capacity, copyable and exception guarantees) * overloadable with an arbitrary count of signatures (fu2::function) * full allocator support in contrast of std::function which doesn’t provide support anymore * covered by unit tests and continuous integration (GCC, Clang and MSVC). * header only, just copy and include function.hpp in your project, permissive licensed under boost.

Programming language: C++
Tags: Containers     Portable     Utilities     C++14     Type Erasure    

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