Code Quality Rank: L1
Programming language: C++
License: MIT License
Tags: Biology    
Latest version: v1.0.2

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A C++ library for parsing and manipulating VCF files.

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The Variant Call Format (VCF) is a flat-file, tab-delimited textual format that describes reference-indexed variations between individuals. VCF provides a common interchange format for the description of variation in individuals and populations of samples, and has become the de facto standard reporting format for a wide array of genomic variant detectors.

vcflib provides methods to manipulate and interpret sequence variation described by VCF. It is both:

  • an API for parsing and operating on records of genomic variation as it can be described by the VCF format
  • a collection of command-line utilities for executing complex manipulations on VCF files

vclib is both a library (with an API) and a collection of useful tools. The API provides a quick and extremely permissive method to read and write VCF files. Extensions and applications of the library provided in the included utilities (*.cpp) comprise the vast bulk of the library's utility.

Short index:



Conda installs in user land without root access

conda install -c bioconda vcflib


Homebrew installs on Linux and Mac OSX

brew install brewsci/bio/vcflib


For Debian and Ubuntu

apt-get install libvcflib-tools libvcflib-dev

GNU Guix

We develop against guix

guix package -i vcflib


Users are encouraged to drive the utilities in the library in a streaming fashion, using Unix pipes to fully utilize resources on multi-core systems. Piping provides a convenient method to interface with other libraries (vcf-tools, BedTools, GATK, htslib, bio-vcf, bcftools, freebayes) which interface via VCF files, allowing the composition of an immense variety of processing functions. Examples can be found in the scripts, e.g. [script](./scripts/vcfgtcompare.sh).



>>> from pytest.rtest import run_stdout, head, cat


<!-- Created with ./scripts/bin2md.rb --index -->


filter command description


metrics command description


phenotype command description


genotype command description


transformation command description


statistics command description

See also [vcflib.md](./doc/vcflib.md).


The vcflib source repository contains a number of additional scripts. Click on the link to see the source code.

script description
[vcfclearinfo](./scripts/vcfclearinfo) clear INFO field
[vcfqualfilter](./scripts/vcfqualfilter) quality filter
[vcfnulldotslashdot](./scripts/vcfnulldotslashdot) rewrite null genotypes to ./.
[vcfprintaltdiscrepancy.r](./scripts/vcfprintaltdiscrepancy.r) show ALT discrepancies in a table
[vcfremovenonATGC](./scripts/vcfremovenonATGC) remove non-nucleotides in REF or ALT
[plotSmoothed.R](./scripts/plotSmoothed.R) smooth plot of wcFst, pFst or abba-baba
[vcf_strip_extra_headers](./scripts/vcf_strip_extra_headers) strip headers
[plotHapLrt.R](./scripts/plotHapLrt.R) plot results of pFst
[vcfbiallelic](./scripts/vcfbiallelic) remove anything that is not biallelic
[vcfsort](./scripts/vcfsort) sort VCF using shell script
[vcfnosnps](./scripts/vcfnosnps) remove SNPs
[vcfmultiwayscripts](./scripts/vcfmultiwayscripts) more multiway comparisons
[vcfgtcompare.sh](./scripts/vcfgtcompare.sh) annotates records in the first file with genotypes and sites from the second
[plotPfst.R](./scripts/plotPfst.R) plot pFst
[vcfregionreduce_and_cut](./scripts/vcfregionreduce_and_cut) reduce, gzip, and tabix
[plotBfst.R](./scripts/plotBfst.R) plot results of pFst
[vcfnobiallelicsnps](./scripts/vcfnobiallelicsnps) remove biallelic SNPs
[vcfindels](./scripts/vcfindels) show INDELS
[vcfmultiway](./scripts/vcfmultiway) multiway comparison
[vcfregionreduce](./scripts/vcfregionreduce) reduce VCFs using a BED File, gzip them up and create tabix index
[vcfprintaltdiscrepancy.sh](./scripts/vcfprintaltdiscrepancy.sh) runner
[vcfclearid](./scripts/vcfclearid) clear ID field
[vcfcomplex](./scripts/vcfcomplex) remove all SNPs but keep SVs
[vcffirstheader](./scripts/vcffirstheader) show first header
[plotXPEHH.R](./scripts/plotXPEHH.R) plot XPEHH
[vcfregionreduce_pipe](./scripts/vcfregionreduce_pipe) reduce, gzip and tabix in a pipe
[vcfplotaltdiscrepancy.sh](./scripts/vcfplotaltdiscrepancy.sh) plot ALT discrepancy runner
[vcfplottstv.sh](./scripts/vcfplottstv.sh) runner
[vcfnoindels](./scripts/vcfnoindels) remove INDELs
[bgziptabix](./scripts/bgziptabix) runs bgzip on the input and tabix indexes the result
[plotHaplotypes.R](./scripts/plotHaplotypes.R) plot results
[vcfplotsitediscrepancy.r](./scripts/vcfplotsitediscrepancy.r) plot site discrepancy
[vcfindelproximity](./scripts/vcfindelproximity) show SNPs around an INDEL
[bed2region](./scripts/bed2region) convert VCF CHROM column in VCF file to region
[vcfplotaltdiscrepancy.r](./scripts/vcfplotaltdiscrepancy.r) plot ALT discrepancies
[plot_roc.r](./scripts/plot_roc.r) plot ROC
[vcfmultiallelic](./scripts/vcfmultiallelic) remove anything that is not multiallelic
[vcfsnps](./scripts/vcfsnps) show SNPs
[vcfvarstats](./scripts/vcfvarstats) use fastahack to get stats
[vcfregionreduce_uncompressed](./scripts/vcfregionreduce_uncompressed) reduce, gzip and tabix
[plotWCfst.R](./scripts/plotWCfst.R) plot wcFst
[vcf2bed.py](./scripts/vcf2bed.py) transform VCF to BED file
[vcfjoincalls](./scripts/vcfjoincalls) overlay files using QUAL and GT from a second VCF
[vcf2sqlite.py](./scripts/vcf2sqlite.py) push VCF file into SQLite3 database using dbname


build from source

VCFLIB uses the cmake build system, after a recursive checkout of the sources make the files in the ./build directory with:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/vcflib/vcflib.git
cd vcflib
mkdir -p build && cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build .
cmake --install .

and to run the tests

ctest --verbose

Executables are built into the ./build directory in the repository.

Build dependencies can be viewed in the Travis-CI and github-CI scripts (see badges above), as well as [guix.scm](./guix.scm) used by us to create the build environment (for instructions see the header of guix.scm). Essentially:

  • C++ compiler
  • htslib
  • tabixpp

For include files add

  • libhts-dev
  • libtabixpp-dev
  • libtabixpp0

And for some of the VCF executables

  • python
  • perl

Using a different htslib

Check out htslib in tabixpp (recursively) and

cmake -DHTSLIB_LOCAL:STRING=./tabixpp/htslib/ ..
cmake --build .

link library

The standard build creates build/vcflib.a. Take a hint from the [cmake](./CMakeLists.txt) file that builds all the vcflib tools.

source code

See [vcfecho.cpp](./src/vcfecho.cpp) for basic usage. [Variant.h](./src/Variant.h) and [Variant.cpp](./src/Variant.cpp) describe methods available in the API. vcflib is incorporated into several projects, such as freebayes, which may provide a point of reference for prospective developers. Note vcflib contains submodules (git repositories) comprising some dependencies. A full Guix development environment we use is defined [here](./guix.scm).

adding tests

vcflib uses different test systems. The most important one is the doctest because it doubles as documentation. For an example see [vcf2tsv.md](./test/pytest/vcf2tsv.md) which can be run from the command line with

cd test
python3 -m doctest -o NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE -o REPORT_UDIFF pytest/vcf2tsv.md


To contribute code to vcflib send a github pull request. We may ask you to add a working test case as described in 'adding tests'.


This software is distributed under the free software [MIT LICENSE](./LICENSE).


Citations are the bread and butter of Science. If you are using this software in your research and want to support our future work, please cite the following publication:

Vcflib and tools for processing the VCF variant call format; Erik Garrison, Zev N. Kronenberg, Eric T. Dawson, Brent S. Pedersen, Pjotr Prins; doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.05.21.445151

Bibtex reference

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*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Vcflib README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.