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Database libraries

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  • LevelDB

    9.8 5.3 L1 C++
    A fast key-value storage library. [BSD]
  • RocksDB

    9.7 9.7 L1 C++
    Embedded key-value store for fast storage from facebook. [BSD]
  • ClickHouse

    9.6 10.0 L1 C++
    ClickHouse is a free analytic DBMS for big data.
  • Hiredis

    8.9 7.2 L3 C
    A minimalistic C client library for the Redis database. [BSD]
  • SQLite

    7.2 9.7 L2 C
    A completely embedded, full-featured relational database in a few 100k that you can include right into your project. [PublicDomain]
  • LMDB

    7.2 2.1 C
    Very fast embedded key/value store with full ACID semantics. [OpenLDAP]
  • Sophia

    6.8 0.0 L3 C
    Modern key-value/row storage library.
  • MongoDB C++ Driver

    6.6 8.3 L1 C++
    C++ driver for MongoDB. [Apache2]
  • cpp_redis

    6.3 0.0 C++
    C++11 Lightweight Redis client: async, thread-safe, no dependency, pipelining, multi-platform.
  • sqlite_orm

    6.0 6.9 C++
    SQLite ORM light header only library for modern C++. [BSD-3-Clause]
  • MongoDB C Driver

    6.0 8.5 L3 C
    MongoDB client library for C. [Apache2]
  • TileDB

    5.8 9.3 C++
    Fast Dense and Sparse Multidimensional Array DBMS. [MIT]
  • Bedrock

    5.1 9.0 L3 C
    Bedrock is a simple, fast and distributed databased based on SQLite
  • sqlite_modern_cpp

    5.0 1.4 C++
    Header only C++14 wrapper around sqlite library. [MIT]
  • libmdbx

    5.0 9.6 C
    One of the fastest embeddable key-value ACID database without WAL.
  • hiberlite

    5.0 0.0 L5 C++
    C++ Object-relational mapping for sqlite3. [BSD]
  • MongoDB Libbson

    4.9 0.0 L2 C
    A BSON utility library. [Apache2]
  • upscaledb

    4.5 1.1 L1 C++
    An embedded "typed" key/value store with a built-in query interface. [GPLv3]
  • SimDB

    4.1 0.0 C++
    High performance, shared memory, lock free, cross platform, single file, minimal dependencies, C++11 key-value store [Apache2]
  • LMDB++

    3.5 0.0 C++
    C++11 wrapper for the LMDB embedded database library. [PublicDomain]
  • redis3m

    3.5 0.0 L4 C++
    Wrapper of hiredis with clean C++ interface, supporting sentinel and ready to use patterns. [Apache2]
  • RethinkDB driver for C++

    2.8 0.0 L1 C++
    RethinkDB driver for C++
  • bredis

    2.8 2.1 C++
    Boost::ASIO low-level redis client (connector)
  • ObjectBox C/C++ database

    2.4 3.2 C++
    Super-fast embedded database for FlatBuffers, structs and classes
  • tntdb

    2.1 0.0 L1 C++
    Tntdb is a c++-class-library for easy access to databases.
  • Website

    1.9 0.8 L4 C++
    VSQLite++ Library - BSD-3 Licensed
  • aredis

    1.7 0.0 C++
    a clean redis C++ client
  • MySQL++

    A C++ wrapper for MySQL's C API. [LGPL]