Bedrock is a simple, modular, WAN-replicated data foundation for global-scale applications. Taking each of those in turn:

* Bedrock is simple. This means it exposes the fewest knobs necessary, with appropriate defaults at every layer.

* Bedrock is modular. This means its functionality is packaged into separate “plugins” that are decoupled and independently maintainable.

* Bedrock is WAN-replicated. This means it is designed to endure the myriad real-world problems that occur across slow, unreliable internet connections.

* Bedrock is a data foundation. This means it is not just a simple database that responds to queries, but rather a platform on which data-processing applications (like databases, job queues, caches, etc) can be built.

* Bedrock is for global-scale applications. This means it is built to be deployed in a geo-redundant fashion spanning many datacenters around the world.

Code Quality Rank: L3
Programming language: C
Tags: Database     Sqlite     Distributed    
Latest version: v2018.02.22

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This public repo contains the Bedrock database server. For more information on what that is, please see http://bedrockdb.com The directories in this repo include:

  • / - Contains the main Bedrock source
  • /docs - Source for the public website (hosted via GitHub Pages): http://bedrockdb.com
  • /libstuff - A general purpose C++ framework for cross-platform application development
  • /mbedtls - The mbed TLS from here: https://tls.mbed.org/
  • /plugins - The various plugins provided "out of the box" to Bedrock
  • /sqlitecluster - The distributed transaction framework built atop sqlite: http://sqlite.org