TreeFrog Framework v1.30.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-08-21 // 10 months ago
    • Implemented logics for X-Forwarded-For Header.
    • Implemented ActionMailer.smtp.RequireTLS parameter in application.ini.
    • Added a option for showing URL routing to treefrog command.
    • Updated I/F of ORM functions.
    • Performance improvement.

Previous changes from v1.29.0

    • Fix a bug of max-age of cookie.
    • Fix a bug of generating select-tag.
    • Modified to initialize boolean fields in classes generated.
    • Implemented publish() function in TActionController class.
    • Rename functions; renderAndStoreInCache() to renderAndCache(), renderFromCache() to renderOnCache(), removeFromCache() to removeCache().