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Development Status

Torch is not in active developement. The functionality provided by the C backend of Torch, which are the TH, THNN, THC, THCUNN libraries is actively extended and re-written in the ATen C++11 library (source, mirror). ATen exposes all operators you would expect from torch7, nn, cutorch, and cunn directly in C++11 and includes additional support for sparse tensors and distributed operations. It is to note however that the API and semantics of the backend libraries in Torch-7 are different from the semantice provided by ATen. For example ATen provides numpy-style broadcasting while TH* dont. For information on building the forked Torch-7 libraries in C, refer to "The C interface" in pytorch/aten/src/README.md.

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Torch7 community support can be found at the following locations. As of 2019, the Torch-7 community is close to non-existent.

Torch Package Reference Manual

Torch is the main package in Torch7 where data structures for multi-dimensional tensors and mathematical operations over these are defined. Additionally, it provides many utilities for accessing files, serializing objects of arbitrary types and other useful utilities.

Torch Packages

  • Tensor Library
    • [Tensor](doc/tensor.md) defines the all powerful tensor object that provides multi-dimensional numerical arrays with type templating.
    • [Mathematical operations](doc/maths.md) that are defined for the tensor object types.
    • [Storage](doc/storage.md) defines a simple storage interface that controls the underlying storage for any tensor object.
  • File I/O Interface Library
    • [File](doc/file.md) is an abstract interface for common file operations.
    • [Disk File](doc/diskfile.md) defines operations on files stored on disk.
    • [Memory File](doc/memoryfile.md) defines operations on stored in RAM.
    • [Pipe File](doc/pipefile.md) defines operations for using piped commands.
    • [High-Level File operations](doc/serialization.md) defines higher-level serialization functions.
  • Useful Utilities
    • [Timer](doc/timer.md) provides functionality for measuring time.
    • [Tester](doc/tester.md) is a generic tester framework.
    • [CmdLine](doc/cmdline.md) is a command line argument parsing utility.
    • [Random](doc/random.md) defines a random number generator package with various distributions.
    • Finally useful [utility](doc/utility.md) functions are provided for easy handling of torch tensor types and class inheritance.

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