Minizip v2.9.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-11-15 // about 2 years ago
  • ➕ Added code coverage using
    🛠 Fixed unit tests and moved into their own test project.
    ➕ Added unit tests for signing on all platforms.
    🛠 Fixed certificate chain not being verified on Windows.
    Overwrite existing central directory if using split disks with append mode. #436
    🛠 Fixed memory leak during zip entry close. #435
    🛠 Fixed path not resolving properly when it begins with ..\ more than once. #433
    🛠 Fixed extract 4gb zip files without zip64 via recovery method. #431
    🛠 Fixed issues finding data descriptor when previous compressed size is small during recovery. #431
    Fixed indefinite loop when reaching end of stream using mz_stream_find. #431
    Fixed not being able to find bytes in stream past INT32_MAX using mz_stream_find. #431
    🛠 Fixed missing defined after #elif in mz_os.h. #427
    ➕ Added BZIP_SYSTEM to podspec. #419
    🛠 Fixed appending files to tiny zip. #418
    🛠 Fixed invalid literal PRI- when compiling with C++. #416
    👷 Switch from travis CI to github actions and from lgtm to codefactor.
    Get fuzzing engine library from environment variable for oss-fuzz.