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Latest version: v3.0

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The ffead-cpp Framework

ffead-cpp is a web-framework, application framework, utilities all bundled into one. It also provides an embedded HTTP/HTT2/Web-Socket compliant high-performance server core. It is a collection of modules all geared towards performing individual roles which together form the cohesive back-bone of ffead-cpp.

It provides a very simple to use and maintain web-framework library with advanced features like Reflection, Dependency Injection (IOC), Inbuilt REST/SOAP support, Security/Authentication features. Moreover implementation for interfacing to caching tools like Memcached/Redis are provided in-built. Database integration/ORM framework (SDORM) solves all major issues with respect to interfacing with SQL/No-SQL database alike.

Multi-level serialization or template level serialization is a high point of ffead-cpp core serialization run-time. Any C++ POCO class can be marked as serializable and the run-time will take care of marshalling/un-marshalling the object to its intended serializable form and back(JSON/XML/BINARY).

ffead-cpp can be easily driven by XML configuration, Services/Controllers/Filters/Interfaces/API(s) are all simple POCO classes without any need for them to extend any classes. The differentiating feature in ffead-cpp is the usage/implementation/support for markers (Annotations in java). Simple #pragma directives can now be used to drive the entire configuration in ffead-cpp, so you can just forget XML configuration.

All in all ffead-cpp is the gap in the world of C++ web application or enterprise application development which I have tried to fill with my humble/honest effort.

Starting version 3.0 ffead-cpp supports both autoconf and cmake for builds

Detailed OS specific instrauctions and docker/docker-compose scripts are located at docker

Official ffead-cpp pre-built images can be found at dockerhub


  • Webrtc Signalling (websocket + api) (horizontally scalable peerjs compatible signalling server)
  • Advanced ORM - SDORM (sql/monogo)
  • Embedded Server, Apache/Nginx support (stable modules), Openlitespeed (experimental)
  • Web Socket Support
  • HTTP2.0 Support
  • Cache API (memcached/redis)
  • Improved Thread/ThreadPool API(s)
  • Marker based configuration (Java style annotations)
  • Improved autotools support
  • Reflection support
  • Serialization support
  • Date/Time Ultility functions
  • Better Logging support
  • Dependency Injection

Quickstart (Using cmake)

  • Install cmake >= 3.8.2 and prerequisites
  • cmake -DMOD_SDORM_MONGO=on .
  • make install -j4 (Build ffead-cpp along-with the sample applications in web + generate ffead-cpp binary)
  • Sip some coffee
  • cd ffead-cpp-3.0-bin/ (Navigate to the ffead-cpp binary folder)
  • chmod +x *.sh
  • ./server.sh (Startup ffead-cpp Njoy!!)

Quickstart (Using autoconf)

  • Install prerequisites
  • ./autogen.sh (Setup configure for your platform)
  • ./configure --enable-mod_sdormmongo (Setup makefiles)
  • Stretch a bit :-)
  • make install (Build ffead-cpp)
  • Sip some coffee
  • make build-apps (Build the sample applications in web + generate ffead-cpp binary)
  • cd ffead-cpp-3.0-bin/ (Navigate to the ffead-cpp binary folder)
  • chmod +x *.sh
  • ./server.sh (Startup ffead-cpp Njoy!!)

Webrtc Example (Uses peerjs)

For further details checkout the wiki page