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BDE Libraries

This repository contains the BDE libraries, currently BSL (Basic Standard Library), BDL (Basic Development Library), BAL (Basic Application Library), and BBL (Basic Business Library).

For more information about BDE libraries follow the links below:

Open Source

Bloomberg LP (internal)

Basic Build Instructions (internal)

BDE uses a build system based on cmake, which is located in the BDE Tools repository.

The following commands can be used to configure and build the BDE repository:

  1. Clone the bde resporitory and add bde-tools to your PATH:

    $ git clone bbgithub:bde/bde
    $ git clone bbgithub:bde/bde-tools
    $ export PATH=$PWD/bde-tools/bin:$PATH      # add bde-tools to the 'PATH'
    $ cd bde
  2. From the root of this source repository, run:

   $ export BDE_CMAKE_BUILD_DIR=$PWD/_build   # configure the build directory
   $ cmake_build.py configure -u dbg_exc_mt_64_cpp11
  1. To build the libraries, but not the test drivers, run:
   $ cmake_build.py build

To also build the test drivers, run:

   $ cmake_build.py build --test build

To build and run the test drivers, run:

   $ cmake_build.py build --test run

For more details on building the BDE repository, please see the Build Examples on BDE Build Tools).


The BDE libraries are distributed under the Apache License (version 2.0); see the LICENSE file at the top of the source tree for more information.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the BDE README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.