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  • v0.93.1 Changes

    March 02, 2014

    Internal changes: Changed the data structure of the input stack.

  • v0.93.0 Changes

    February 27, 2014

    Added functions “acknowledge_gnome_notification” and “move_to_pat”, more details here_.

    .. _here:

  • v0.92.0 Changes

    February 21, 2014

    ➕ Added an interactive shell launcher, “autokey-shell”. “autokey-shell” allows you to run some AutoKey functions interactively. Read this_ for more details.

  • v0.91.0 Changes

    February 14, 2014

    Added a new function “click_on_pat” for use in user scripts. See this_ for more details.

    .. _this:

    🚀 First release

    This describes some of the changes to the original AutoKey source code.

    Python 3 related changes

    🛠 Python 3 is less tolerant of circular imports so some files were split into several files. Those pieces of the original have their file names prefixed with the original's.

    🐛 Bug fixes +++++++++ Eliminate possible deadlock. 🔄 Changed

    .. code-block:: python

        p = subprocess.Popen([…], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
        retCode = p.wait()
        output =[:-1] # Drop trailing newline


    .. code:: python

        p = subprocess.Popen([…], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
        output = p.communicate()[0].decode()[:-1] # Drop trailing newline
        retCode = p.returncode

    👀 The former may cause a deadlock, for more information, see Python docs_. This pattern appears several times in the source codes.

    📄 .. _Python docs:

    For a “gi.repository.Notify.Notification” object, test if method “attach_to_status_icon” exists before calling. After this fix, errors in user scripts will trigger a notification.

    Respect XDG standard. Details here__.


    Corrected a typo in manpage of autokey-run.

    ⏪ For the GTK GUI, after script error is viewed, tray icon is reverted back to original.

    Other changes +++++++++++++ 🚚 In, the “/usr/” prefix to the directory names in the data_files argument were removed to allow for non-root install.

    ✂ Removed the “WINDOWID” environment variable so that zenity is not tied to the window from which it was launched.

    Modified the launcher and other files to allow for editable installs (“pip install -e”).

    ➕ Added an “about” dialog for the Python 3 port.

    🔄 Changed hyperlink for bug reports.