OpenBLAS v0.3.8 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-02-09 // 13 days ago
  • common:

    - LAPACK has been updated to 3.9.0 (plus patches up to January 2nd, 2020)
    - CMAKE support has been improved in several areas including cross-compilation
    - a thread race condition in the GEMM3M kernels was resolved
    - the "generic" (plain C) gemm beta kernel used by many targets has been sped up
    - an optimized version of the LAPACK trtrs functions has been added
    - an incompatibilty between the LAPACK tests and the OpenBLAS implementation of XERBLA
      was resolved, removing the numerous warnings about wrong error exits in the former 
    - support for NetBSD has been added
    - support for compilation with g95 and non-GNU versions of ld has been improved
    - compilation with (upcoming) gcc 10 is now supported


    - worked around miscompilation of several POWER8 and POWER9 kernels by
      older versions of gcc
    - added support for big-endian POWER8 and for compilation on AIX
    - corrected bugs in the big-endian support for PPC440 and PPC970
    - DYNAMIC_ARCH support is now available in CMAKE builds as well


    - performance of DGEMM_BETA and SGEMM_NCOPY has been improved
    - compilation for 32bit works again 
    - performance of the RPCC function has been improved
    - improved performance on small systems
    - DYNAMIC_ARCH support is now available in CMAKE builds as well
    - cross-compilation from OSX to IOS was simplified


    - a new AVX512 DGEMM kernel was added and the AVX512 SGEMM kernel was
      significantly improved
    - optimized AVX512 kernels for CGEMM and ZGEMM have been added
    - AVX2 kernels for STRMM, SGEMM, and CGEMM have been significantly
      sped up and optimized CGEMM3M and ZGEMM3M kernels have been added 
    - added support for QEMU virtual cpus
    - a compilation problem with PGI and SUN compilers was fixed
    - Intel "Goldmont plus" is now autodetected
    - a potential crash on program exit on MS Windows has been fixed 


    - an unwanted case sensitivity in the implementation of LSAME
      on older 32bit AMD cpus was fixed

    IBM Z:

    - Z15 is now supported as Z14
    - DYNAMIC_ARCH is now available on ZARCH as well

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Previous changes from v0.3.7

  • common:

    • having the gmake special variables TARGET_ARCH or TARGET_MACH defined no longer causes build failures in ctest or utest
    • defining NO_AFFINITY or USE_TLS to zero in gmake builds no longer has the same effect as setting them to one
    • ✅ a new test program was added to allow checking the library for thread safety
    • a new option USE_LOCKING was added to ensure thread safety when OpenBLAS itself is built without multithreading but
      will be called from multiple threads.
    • 🐧 a build failure on Linux with glibc versions earlier than 2.5 was fixed
    • 🛠 a runtime error with CPU enumeration (and NO_AFFINITY not set) on glibc 2.6 was fixed
    • 🐧 NO_AFFINITY was added to the CMAKE options (and defaults to being active on Linux, as in the gmake builds)


    • 🏗 the build-time logic for detection of AVX512 availability in the processor and compiler was fixed
    • 🏗 gmake builds on OSX now set the internal name of the library to libopenblas.0.dylib (consistent with CMAKE)
    • the Haswell DGEMM kernel received a significant speedup through improved prefetch and load instructions
    • 🐎 performance of DGEMM, DTRMM, DTRSM and ZDOT on Zen/Zen2 was markedly increased by avoiding vpermpd instructions
    • the SKYLAKEX (AVX512) DGEMM helper functions have now been disabled to fix remaining errors in DGEMM, DSYMM and DTRMM


    • ➕ added support for building on FreeBSD/powerpc64 and FreeBSD/ppc970
    • ➕ added optimized kernels for POWER9 single and double precision complex BLAS3
    • ➕ added optimized kernels for POWER9 SGEMM and STRMM


    • 🛠 fixed the softfp implementations of xAMAX and IxAMAX
    • ✂ removed the predefined -march= flags on both ARMV5 and ARMV6 as they were appropriate for only a subset of platforms

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