Data Structures libraries

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  • etl

    5.5 9.6 C++
    Embedded Template Library
  • libsrt

    4.1 0.4 C
    libsrt is a C library for writing fast and safe C code, faster. It provides string, vector, bit set, set, map, hash set, and hash map handling. Suitable for soft and hard real-time. Allows both heap and stack allocation.
  • ordered-map

    3.6 1.4 L4 C++
    C++ hash map/set which preserves the order of insertion
  • MDAL

    2.6 8.0 Roff
    Mesh Data Abstraction Library
  • Ygg

    2.3 5.4 C++
    An intrusive C++11 implementation of a Red-Black-Tree, an Interval Tree and an Interval Map.
  • nelson

    1.8 9.2 C++
    Nelson numerical interpreter
  • GraphMat

    1.1 5.7 C++
    A matrix header-only library, specialised use case when your matrix is part of a simulation