JavaCpp v0.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2012-07-21 // almost 10 years ago
    • Fixed problems when trying to map java.lang.String to other native types than char*, such as unsigned char*
    • JavaCPP now uses the new (std::nothrow) operator for allocation, which guarantees that allocation of primitive native arrays won't throw exceptions, making it possible to build C++ exception free JNI libraries
    • Added new Pointer.limit property, mainly useful to get the size of an output parameter, as returned by an adapter specified with the @Adapter annotation
    • Renamed the capacity field of an adapter to size as it now maps to both Pointer.limit and Pointer.capacity (the latter only for new allocations)
    • Added Pointer.put(Pointer) method, the counterpart of Buffer.put(Buffer), to call the native memcpy() function on two Pointer objects
    • New @NoException annotation to reduce the size of generated code and optimize runtime performance of functions that are guaranteed not to throw exceptions, or for cases when we do not mind that the JVM may crash and burn
    • Trying to generate code for non-static native methods inside a class not extending Pointer now generates proper warning (issue #19)
    • Fixed regression where the @Adapter notation generates incorrect code for types other than Pointer (issue #20)