sqlite_modern_cpp v3.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-02-17 // about 6 years ago
  • Features:

    • Support lvalue functors for operator >> #60
    • Support for std::vector allocator #76 Thanks to @zauguin
    • Expose error codes in exceptions #80 Thanks to @zauguin
    • Use std::uncaught_exceptions if possible #86 Thanks to @zauguin
    • SQLCipher support #77 Thanks to @zauguin
    • Support for custom SQL functions #89 Thanks to @zauguin
    • Include SQL statement in exception #85 Thanks to @zauguin

    🛠 Fixes:

    • Fixed Bad database_binder destructor behavior #63 Thanks to @polesapart
    • Throw dedicated exceptions for no_rows and more_rows#62 Thanks to @ulrichbayer
    • Fixed sqlite memory leak on failed open #65 Thanks to @polesapart

    ⚡️ You can find more info in the updated README file.

    💥 Breaking changes:

    • Databases with non-ASCII characters in their names created with v1.x & v2.x are not found by this version. You have to manually rename them to their actual (UTF-8 encoded) name.