sparsehash v2.0.4 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-08-11 // almost 4 years ago
  • diff from 2.0.3

    95e5e93 Prevent compiler warning about writing to an object with no trivial copy-assignment
    a320767 Prevent compiler warning about calling realloc() on an object which cannot be relocated in memory
    4cb9240 Correct the memory usage claims to take into account allocator overhead (#132)
    90e60f0 Update test for large objects with a more reasonable hash function.
    d6684b2 Fix missing initialization of g_num_copies and g_num_hashes
    67cdd69 -Wformat-pedantic casts to quite compiler warning
    4a36398 Pass by const ref not copy
    3151e11 Add test ResizeWithoutShrink and in-code comments.
    2d27620 Fix the bug of endless bucket doubling when min_load_factor=0.
    7b8afad Use unordered_map instead of hash_map for Visual Studio 2013 and later
    6c4151b amend spelling mistakes for insert() method

Previous changes from v2.0.3

  • 📜 Mon Oct 12 21:00:00 2015 Google Inc. [email protected]

    * sparsehash: version 2.0.3
    * Fix compilation on modern compilers and operating systems