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  • If you're reading this text, you've either thought that something was wrong with the headline or you've seen the name of a familiar computer game. VVVV VVVV is an indie platformer game that has stolen the hearts of many players by its pleasant external simplicity and no less pleasant internal complexity. A few days ago, VVVVVV turned 10 years, and the author of the game - Terry Cavanagh - celebrated this holiday by publishing its ะก++ source code. What mind-boggling things is it hiding?
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  • A new post "How Can Developers Help Fight Coronavirus?" appeared in the Fluent{C++} blog. We have a practical consideration on this subject, although it is not directly related to COVID-19. If programmers would like to do something useful in this regard, we recommend fostering the efforts in the general development of research libraries in the field of medicine, and related applications. At least, even if developers can't add new capabilities, they can work on the quality of these projects.
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  • The GCC compiler is written with copious use of macros. Another check of the GCC code using PVS-Studio once again confirms the opinion of our team that macros are evil in the flesh. Not only does the static analyzer struggle with reviewing such code, but also a developer. GCC developers are certainly used to the project and are well versed in it.
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