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  • Discover the latest C++ articles, tutorials, libraries, and code snippets from around the web to keep your programming skills sharp
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  • Some variation of the “where to get started with learning C++” or “What are the resources for getting started in C++” has come up often enough on Twitter that I figured it was about time to turn it into a more permenant resource.
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  • Javatpoint Provides an Updated C++ tutorial for Beginners and Professionals. It helps to Improve Basic Concept of C++.
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  • If you're reading this text, you've either thought that something was wrong with the headline or you've seen the name of a familiar computer game. VVVV VVVV is an indie platformer game that has stolen the hearts of many players by its pleasant external simplicity and no less pleasant internal complexity. A few days ago, VVVVVV turned 10 years, and the author of the game - Terry Cavanagh - celebrated this holiday by publishing its С++ source code. What mind-boggling things is it hiding?
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  • Rob and Jason are joined by author John Lakos. They first talk about a funny C++ themed freestyle rap video commissioned by Victor Zverovich and a C++20 reference card produced by Bartlomiej Filipek. Then John discusses his new book, Large Scale C++ Volume I: Process and Architecture. In addition to discussing the book John shares some of his thoughts on allocators, modules, move semantics and contracts.
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  • C++ “move” semantics are simple, but they are still widely misunderstood. This post is an attempt to shed light on that situation. Thank you to the following for their feedback on drafts of this material: Howard Hinnant (lead designer and author of move semantics), Jens Maurer, Arthur O’Dwyer, Geoffrey Romer, Bjarne Stroustrup, Andrew Sutton, Ville Voutilainen, Jonathan Wakely.
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  • Rob and Jason are joined by Tony Van Eerd. They first discuss some conference news, including Microsoft’s upcoming Pure Virtual C++ Conference. Then Tony Van Eerd joins them to discuss his Postmodern C++ talk, and some of his work on the C++ standards committee.
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  • The SOLID design principles to craft C++ software that is easy to maintain, reuse & extend.
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  • Liskov’s Substitution Principle to ensure the inheritance correctness.
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