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  • Great interactive read
    Article  Added by sidsharma27 // tech.io // almost 3 years ago
  • Really Great article by Bartek who helps readers learn interactively about the Standard Library utilities in C++
    Article  Added by sidsharma27 // tech.io // over 2 years ago
  • Poll on New Expression and Size Conversions
    Article  Added by shafik // shafik.github.io // over 1 year ago
  • The definitive guide to writing elegant multithreaded applications in C++. Updated for C++ 17, it carefully addresses every aspect of concurrent development, from starting new threads to designing fully functional multithreaded algorithms and data structures.
    Book  Added by vonlatinski // mng.bz // about 1 year ago
  • This blog post proposes/suggests an approach to modelize the notion of mathematical function in C++17. This is an attempt to obtain two minimal classes (function and function with differential) of practical use to define interfaces of numerical algorithms such as nonlinear solvers or optimization procedures.
    Article  Added by vincent-picaud // pixorblog.wordpress.com // 6 months ago
  • Rob and Jason are joined by Sean Baxter. They first talk about a blog post and some papers headed for the upcoming ISO meeting in Prague. Then they discuss Circle, the compiler and language extension for C++17.
    Event  Added by AndreyKarpov // cppcast.com // 4 months ago