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  • Javatpoint Provides an Updated C++ tutorial for Beginners and Professionals. It helps to Improve Basic Concept of C++.
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  • Rob and Jason are joined by Saar Raz. They first discuss blog posts covering a new project management tool for C++ and another about improving Clang support for large integer arrays. Then they talk to Saar Raz about his work to add Concepts support to the Clang compiler.
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  • If you're reading this text, you've either thought that something was wrong with the headline or you've seen the name of a familiar computer game. VVVV VVVV is an indie platformer game that has stolen the hearts of many players by its pleasant external simplicity and no less pleasant internal complexity. A few days ago, VVVVVV turned 10 years, and the author of the game - Terry Cavanagh - celebrated this holiday by publishing its С++ source code. What mind-boggling things is it hiding?
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  • C++ is a general-purpose programming language and widely used nowadays for competitive programming.
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  • Rob and Jason are joined by Vadim Zeitlin one of the maintainers of WxWidgets. They first talk about a blog post describing a fantastic bug and another responding to the changes announced by Qt.
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  • Today I’ve come across, in my view, a ridiculous article ‘Why you should never use the bool datatype’. I don’t agree with the bool type thing the author says. It’s just a type – there’s nothing bad about it. Moreover, bool is safer than, let’s say, char.
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  • C++ identifiers in a program are used to refer to the name of the variables, functions, arrays, or other user-defined data types created by the programmer. They are the basic requirement of any language.
    Tutorial  Added by ninja // www.javatpoint.com // 4 months ago
  • Runtime error handling is hugely important for many common operations we encounter in software development — from responding to user input, to dealing with a malformed network packet. An application shouldn’t crash because a user has loaded a PNG instead of a PDF, or if they disconnect the network cable while it’s fetching the latest version of PSPDFKit for Android.
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  • He graduated from Kansas State University in 2005 with a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Embedded Systems. While at K-State he enjoyed working on the solar car racing team, which built and raced a vehicle across the US and Canada. After graduating in 2005, Brad started work at Garmin, where he has worked on a variety of projects including Palm PDAs, Brew phone platforms, Android, iOS, and Automotive devices.
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  • C++ “move” semantics are simple, but they are still widely misunderstood. This post is an attempt to shed light on that situation. Thank you to the following for their feedback on drafts of this material: Howard Hinnant (lead designer and author of move semantics), Jens Maurer, Arthur O’Dwyer, Geoffrey Romer, Bjarne Stroustrup, Andrew Sutton, Ville Voutilainen, Jonathan Wakely.
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  • Rob and Jason are joined by Hana Dusikova from Avast. They talk about the final changes that went into the C++20 draft which should become the official new standard in 3 or 4 months. They also discuss the direction of C++23 and some of the papers that were proposed in Prague.
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  • Yes, you've guessed correctly - the answer is "42". In this article you will find 42 recommendations about coding in C++ that can help a programmer avoid a lot of errors, save time and effort. Every recommendation is given with a practical example, which proves the currentness of this question.
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  • Rob and Jason are joined by Thiago Macieira from Intel. They first talk about Visual Studio’s Qt support, and articles from Bjarne Stroustrup and Herb Sutter. They then talk about Thiago’s history with Qt, including his former role as Qt Release Manager and his contributions to QtCore, QtNetwork and more.
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  • The motivations behind std::string_view and std::span are similar. The string_view and span are objects that refer to a contiguous sequence of elements starting at position zero and provide standard container operations. Both types are lightweight easy-to-copy objects comprising a pointer and a size member. Conceptually, they are non-owning views of an array (or contiguous sequence) that provide the rich standard interface.
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  • Rob and Jason are joined by Yuri Minaev from PVS-Studio. They first discuss a blog posts on ISO’s recent decision not to break the C++ ABI in C++23 and getting rid of volatile in the Qt codebase. Then they talk to Yuri Minaev, one of the developers at PVS Studio working on the static analyzer. They discuss some of the forms of analysis that the tool excels at and how it’s changed the way Yuri programs.
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  • Rob and Jason are joined by Jussi Pakkanen. They first discuss the ongoing effects that the Corona Virus is having on the C++ Community. Then they talk to Jussi Pakkanen who gives them an update on what’s changed in Mesonbuild since he was first on show 201 episodes earlier. Jussi also shares some info about the Meson Manual which is available as an e-book.
    Article  Added by AndreyKarpov // cppcast.com // 2 months ago
  • Rob and Jason are joined by Kevin Cadieux and Sy Brand. They first discuss a blog post on Memory Access Patterns and the Clang 10 release. Then they talk about C++ Build Insights, Kevin tells us how vcperf can be used to find places where build performance can be improved in your code. Sy then goes over some of the other recent updates to Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.
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  • Rob and Jason are joined by Daniela Engert. They first discuss a blog post on a new static analyzer feature in GCC 10 and Jason’s plans to port the classic DOOM game to C++. Then Daniela gives Jason and Rob an introduction to Modules in C++20.
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  • Through testing and comparison, the current overall build speed is basically the same as ninja. Compared to cmake/make, meson/ninja is much faster, because they have an extra step to generate makefile / build.ninja.
    Article  Added by waruqi // github.com // about 2 months ago
  • The other day, DeepCode, which is a static analyzer based on machine learning, began to support checking of C and C++ projects. And now we can find out the differences between the results of the classic and the machine-learning static analysis.
    Article  Added by AndreyKarpov // www.viva64.com // about 2 months ago
  • Rob and Jason are joined by Jonathan Turner. They first discuss updates to {fmt} and SourceTrail. Then they talk to Jonathan Turner about some of the languages he’s worked on; including Chaiscript with Jason, Typescript at Microsoft and Rust at Mozilla. They then talk about his current project: NuShell.
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  • Software quality, safety, and security have become the topmost priority over the recent years. In our earlier articles, we already mentioned some events from history that entailed both large financial losses and deaths of people. The explosion of the Ariane 5, exposure of patients to a 20,000 rad overdose with the Therac-25 radiation therapy machine, 89 deaths through the fault of Toyota. All these stories have one thing in common: software bugs that led to huge losses.
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  • Rob and Jason are joined by Andrew Leaver-Fay from UNC and Jack Maguire from Menten AI. They first discuss a proposal to update both C and C++ and create a unified common core for the languages. Then they talk to Andrew and Jack about Rosetta, a C++ protein modeling library, it’s history being ported from Fortran and some of its use cases such as creating HIV vaccines.
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  • Rob and Jason are joined by Tony Van Eerd. They first discuss some conference news, including Microsoft’s upcoming Pure Virtual C++ Conference. Then Tony Van Eerd joins them to discuss his Postmodern C++ talk, and some of his work on the C++ standards committee.
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  • C++ Build Insights offers more than one way to investigate your C++ build times. In this article, we discuss two methods that you can use to identify bottlenecks in your builds: manually by using the vcperf analysis tool, or programmatically with the C++ Build Insights SDK. We present a case study that shows how to use these tools to speed up the Git for Windows open source project. We hope these tutorials will come in handy when analyzing your own builds.
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  • This tutorial covers basics of C++.
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  • Learn about C++ Vector
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  • Every job has repetitive tasks and processes that can be automated. Those tasks can take up a significant amount of your time.
    Disciplines like virtual and augmented reality require the usage of sophisticated processes that, just like any other pipeline, can be optimized through automation.
    We created an extensive Udemy on-demand course to learn Unreal Engine Editor scripting to learn exactly those kind of skills.
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