rang v3.1.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-02-14 // over 6 years ago
    • 🚀 Release date: 2018-02-14
    • Md5: 29539c60e2c0bfc8874c9da476de15c8


    🚀 This is a minor release for rang which aims at delegating a potential UB on windows platform(note that even without this change it should be working fine since UB is present in winapi and supported by the platform itself).

    👌 Support

    You can file issues here. And Pull Requests are always welcome.

    Once again, thanks to @kingseva for valuable contributions!

Previous changes from v3.0

    • 🚀 Release date: 2018-01-28
    • Md5: 83cf6f86968457b5797e1ba5cdb2760b


    📚 This is the third release for rang - a Minimal, single header, Modern c++ library for colors in your terminal. Apart from a single removal, the rest of the interface is kept similar to last two releases. This release brings a few bug fixes, removal of <versionhelpers.h> dependency(credits to @vladimirgamalyan), better testing framework and ease of installation thanks to @conan-io. Newly written documentation has been added to project README.md as well!

    🚀 This release was possible due to significant contributions by @kingseva!