The Most Popular C++ libraries
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  • s2n

    8.2 9.5 L3 Cryptography
    An implementation of the TLS/SSL protocols. [Apache]
  • Cppcheck

    8.3 9.9 Miscellaneous
    static analysis of C/C++ code
  • conan

    8.2 9.6 CLI
    package management
  • tbox

    8.2 9.0 Frameworks
    A glib-like multi-platform c library. [Apache2] website
  • Cpp-Taskflow

    Fast C++ Parallel Programming with Task Dependencies
  • QtAv

    8.2 5.4 L1 Multimedia
    A multimedia playback framework based on Qt and FFmpeg to write a player easily. [LGPL] website
  • QuantLib

    8.2 9.3 L1 Math
    A free/open-source library for quantitative finance. [Modified BSD] website
  • Easylogging++

    8.1 2.1 L3 Logging
    Single header only, extremely light-weight high performance logging library for C++11 (or higher) applications. [MIT] website
  • Kore

    ultra fast and flexible web server / framework for web applications developed in C. [ISC]
  • OpenSceneGraph

    8.1 8.1 L1 Graphics
    An open source high performance 3D graphics toolkit. [OSGPL]
  • Thrust

    8.1 8.2 L4 Concurrency
    A parallel algorithms library which resembles the C++ Standard Template Library (STL). [Apache2]
  • evpp

    8.1 2.9 Networking
    C++ high performance networking with TCP/UDP/HTTP protocols. [BSD]
  • ArrayFire

    8.1 9.1 L2 Concurrency
    A general purpose GPU library. [BSD]
  • Banshee Engine

    8.2 8.7 L1 Game Engine
    Banshee Game Engine
  • Boost.Asio

    A cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming. [Boost]
  • JUCE

    8.0 9.1 L1 Frameworks
    An all-encompassing C++ class library for developing cross-platform software. [Core-Module: ISC, Rest: GPL2/GPL3/Commercial] website
  • NanoGUI

    8.1 6.1 GUI
    Minimalistic GUI library for OpenGL
  • Crypto++

    8.0 9.4 L1 Cryptography
    A free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes. [Boost]
  • JavaCpp

    8.0 8.3 L1 Scripting
    The missing bridge between Java and native C++. [Apache2]
  • OpenSubdiv

    8.1 6.7 L1 Graphics
    Pixar's library for evaluating and rendering subdivision surfaces on CPU and GPU. [Modified Apache2]
  • SDS

    7.9 2.2 L2 Miscellaneous
    Simple Dynamic Strings library for C. [BSD]
  • ZBar

    7.9 0.0 L3 Miscellaneous
    A barcode scanner library, which allows to scan photos/images/video streams for barcodes and return their value. [LGPL2]
  • magnum

    7.9 9.7 L2 Graphics
    C++11 and OpenGL 2D/3D graphics engine. [MIT] website
  • Tiny AES128 in C

    7.9 4.5 L5 Cryptography
    A small and portable implementation of the AES128 ECB encryption algorithm implemented in C. [PublicDomain]
  • libtorrent

    7.9 9.2 L1 BitTorrent
    An efficient feature complete C++ bittorrent implementation. [BSD]
  • cpr

    8.0 3.8 L2 Networking
    A modern C++ HTTP requests library with a simple but powerful interface. Modeled after the Python Requests module. [MIT] website
  • easyloggingpp

    8.0 3.5 L3 Logging
    Single header only C++ logging library. [MIT] website
  • Klib

    8.0 4.4 L4 Miscellaneous
    Small and lightweight implementations of common algorithms and data structures. [MIT]
  • Oat++

    ­čî▒Modern Web Framework for C++. High performance, simple API, cross platform, zero dependency.
  • Panda3D

    7.8 9.4 L1 Game Engine
    A game engine, a framework for 3D rendering and game development for Python and C++ programs. [Modified BSD] website