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Based on the "Web Application Framework" category

  • Crow

    8.8 5.9 L1 lwan VS Crow
    Crow is C++ micro web framework (inspired by Python Flask). [BSD]
  • Kore

    8.3 7.6 L3 lwan VS Kore
    ultra fast and flexible web server / framework for web applications developed in C. [ISC]
  • libOnion

    lightweight library to help you create webservers in C programming language. [LGPLv3]
  • Civetweb

    Provides easy to use, powerful, C/C++ embeddable web server with optional CGI, SSL and Lua support. [MIT]
  • Wt

    6.4 9.0 L3 lwan VS Wt
    A C++ library for developing web applications.
  • Pistache

    Pistache is a C++ REST framework written in pure C++11 with no external dependency. [Apache2]
  • TreeFrog Framework

    High-speed and full-stack web application framework based on C++ and Qt, which supports HTTP and WebSocket protocol (with O/R mapping). [BSD] website
  • Cutelyst

    A C++ Web Framework built on top of Qt, using the simple approach of Catalyst (Perl) framework.
  • QDjango

    A web framework written in C++ and built on top of the Qt library. Where possible it tries to follow django's API, hence its name. [LGPL]
  • facil.io

    Write network services in C using dynamic protocols such as HTTP and Websockets
  • httpp

    2.8 1.8 L1 lwan VS httpp
    Micro http server and client written in C++
  • CppCMS

    CppCMS is a Free High Performance Web Development Framework (not a CMS) aimed at Rapid Web Application Development.

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