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POCO (Portable Components) C++ Libraries are:

  • A collection of C++ class libraries, conceptually similar to the Java Class Library, the .NET Framework or Apple’s Cocoa.
  • Focused on solutions to frequently-encountered practical problems.
  • Focused on ‘internet-age’ network-centric applications.
  • Written in efficient, modern, 100% ANSI/ISO Standard C++.
  • Based on and complementing the C++ Standard Library/STL.
  • Highly portable and available on many different platforms, from embedded to server.
  • Open Source, licensed under the Boost Software License.

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To start using POCO, see the Guided Tour and Getting Started documents.

POCO has an active user and contributing community, please visit our web site and blog. Answers to POCO-related questions can also be found on Stack Overflow.

Please see [CONTRIBUTING](CONTRIBUTING.md) for submitting contributions, bugs reports, feature requests or security issues.

In regards to Boost, in spite of some functional overlapping, POCO is best thought of as a Boost complement (rather than replacement). Side-by-side use of Boost and POCO is a very common occurrence.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the POCO README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.