OpenSSL v1.0.0.l Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-06-05 // almost 8 years ago
    • Fix for SSL/TLS MITM flaw. An attacker using a carefully crafted handshake can force the use of weak keying material in OpenSSL SSL/TLS clients and servers.

    Thanks to KIKUCHI Masashi (Lepidum Co. Ltd.) for discovering and researching this issue. [CVE-2014-0224][]

    KIKUCHI Masashi, Steve Henson

    • Fix DTLS recursion flaw. By sending an invalid DTLS handshake to an OpenSSL DTLS client the code can be made to recurse eventually crashing in a DoS attack.

    Thanks to Imre Rad (Search-Lab Ltd.) for discovering this issue. [CVE-2014-0221][]

    Imre Rad, Steve Henson

    • Fix DTLS invalid fragment vulnerability. A buffer overrun attack can be triggered by sending invalid DTLS fragments to an OpenSSL DTLS client or server. This is potentially exploitable to run arbitrary code on a vulnerable client or server.

    Thanks to Jüri Aedla for reporting this issue. [CVE-2014-0195][]

    Jüri Aedla, Steve Henson

    • Fix bug in TLS code where clients enable anonymous ECDH ciphersuites are subject to a denial of service attack.

    Thanks to Felix Gröbert and Ivan Fratric at Google for discovering this issue. [CVE-2014-3470][]

    Felix Gröbert, Ivan Fratric, Steve Henson

    • Harmonize version and its documentation. -f flag is used to display compilation flags.

    mancha [email protected]

    • Fix eckey_priv_encode so it immediately returns an error upon a failure in i2d_ECPrivateKey.

    mancha [email protected]

    • Fix some double frees. These are not thought to be exploitable.

    mancha [email protected]

    • Fix for the attack described in the paper "Recovering OpenSSL ECDSA Nonces Using the FLUSH+RELOAD Cache Side-channel Attack" by Yuval Yarom and Naomi Benger. Details can be obtained from:

    Thanks to Yuval Yarom and Naomi Benger for discovering this flaw and to Yuval Yarom for supplying a fix [CVE-2014-0076][]

    Yuval Yarom and Naomi Benger