Oat++ v0.19.11 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-12-18 // over 2 years ago
  • oatpp

    • ApiClient. Introduce retries and RetryPolicy.
    • oatpp::network::virtual_::Interface. Introduce ListenerLock to acquire an interface for listening (analog to bind on a port).
    • 🚚 oatpp::parser::json::mapping::Serializer. Remove extra space char.
    • 📜 oatpp::parser::json::mapping::Serializer. Introduce Beautifier and Beautifier config.
    • Introduce v_buff_size for buffer sizes, as an integer capable of storing a pointer.
    • Introduce oatpp::data::stream::Context to store aditional data about the stream.
    • oatpp::network::server::SimpleTCPConnectionProvider. Add feature to obtain peer IP and port available through the connection stream context.


    • 👍 Better portability.
    • 🏁 Windows compatibility.
    • 👌 Support TLS over custom transport.
    • Require LibreSSL minimum version 3.0.0.


    • 🛠 Fix acceptor-thread blocking by handshake. TLS Handshake is moved to the stream context initialization.