​NotificationManager is a thread-safe, easy-to-use utility for sending and receiving notifications. It allows you to decouple different modules of your application. It can also simplify multi-threaded communication in many cases.

This utility is based on a previous one we used in Lucera Project's MindShake game engine. But the previous version was programmed in C++98 and instead of any, it used our own implementation of variant. But in essence, it is the same.

By default, it uses C++17 std::any library feature but it has a C++11 fallback using the implementation from @thelink2012 GitHub.

Due to that, it is recommended to use plain any, any_cast, bad_any_cast instead of std::any, std::any_cast, std::bad_any_cast to maximize compatibility.

It was also successfully ported to C# to be able to use it with Unity and to Python to use it in a roguelike.

Programming language: C++
Tags: GUI     C++11     Cross-platform     Library     Tools     Utilities     Cpp11     Cpp     C++    

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