nelson v0.4.9 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-09-27 // 9 months ago
    • ipc builtin: Inter-process communication between Nelson's process

    • getpid('running') renamed getpid('available').

    • --noipc command line argument added. disable IPC features.

    • dark theme detected and used on Macos X.

    • test_run reworked (faster to start).

    • test_run extended with '-stoponfail' option.

    • jsonencode faster for string encoding.

    • rework timeout thread.

    🐛 Bug Fixes:

    • #330: removes ALSA errors and warnings on linux.


    • #322: fix build with gcc 4.8 (ubuntu 14.04).

      Nelson 0.4.9 will be last to support gcc 4.8

    • libsndfile 1.0.30 on Windows.

Previous changes from v0.4.8

    • multiplatforms files association based on Inter-process communication. open, load, execute files in latest created Nelson's process.

    • event loop and command queue updated.

    • fix play, playblocking, resume builtin.

    • getpid() returns current process identificator.

    • getpid('running') returns all nelson processes identificators currently running for current user.

    • hostname() returns current host name of your computer.

    • username() returns current user name used on your computer.

    • isvector checks if input is an vector.


    • libffi 3.3 was not detected on Macos X.

    • libicu4c 67.1 was not detected on Macos X.

    • Qt 5.15 official package was not detected on Macos X.

    • libsndfile 1.29.0 on Windows.

    • libcurl 7.72.0 on Windows.

    • libbost 1.74.0 on Windows.

    • CMake 3.18.1 used on Windows.

    • GitHub CI MacOS x Catalina.