mlpack v4.0.0 Release Notes

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    • Add Multiple Pole Balancing Environment (#1901, #1951).

    • Added functionality for scaling of data (#1876); see the command-line binding mlpack_preprocess_scale or Python binding preprocess_scale().

    • Add new parameter maximum_depth to decision tree and random forest bindings (#1916).

    • Fix prediction output of softmax regression when test set accuracy is calculated (#1922).

    • Action struct in continuous RL environments now stores the action as a double instead of double[1] (#1941, #1931).

    • Pendulum environment now checks for termination. All RL environments now have an option to terminate after a set number of time steps (no limit by default) (#1941).

    • Add support for probabilistic KDE (kernel density estimation) error bounds when using the Gaussian kernel (#1934).