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  • v4.1.0 Changes

    • NEW: travis / appveyor / bintray are replaced by Sai which for lws currently does 193 builds per git push on 16 platforms, all self-hosted. The homebrew bash scripts used to select Minimal examples are replaced by CTest. Platforms currently include Fedora/AMD/GCC, Windows/AMD/mingw32, Windows/AMD/mingw64, Android/ aarch64/LLVM, esp-idf (on WROVER-KIT and HELTEC physical boards), Fedora/ RISCV (on QEMU)/GCC, CentOS8/AMD/GCC, Gentoo/AMD/GCC, Bionic/AMD/GCC, Linkit 7697, Focal/AMD/GCC, Windows (on QEMU)/AMD/MSVC, Focal/aarch64-RPI4/GCC, iOS/aarch64/LLVM and OSX/AMD/LLVM.

    • NEW: The single CMakeLists.txt has been refactored and modernized into smaller CMakeLists.txt in the subdirectory along with the code that is being managed for build by it. Build options are still listed in the top level as before but the new way is much more maintainable.

    • NEW: event lib support on Unix is now built into dynamically loaded plugins and brought in at runtime, allowing all of the support to be built in isolation without conflicts, and separately packaged with individual dependencies. See ./READMEs/ for details and how to force the old static build into lws method.

    • NEW: Captive Portal Detection. Lws can determine if the active default route is able to connect to the internet, or is in a captive portal type situation, by trying to connect to a remote server that will respond in an unusual way, like provide a 204.

    • NEW: Secure streams: Support system trust store if it exists Build on Windows Support lws raw socket protocol in SS Support Unix Domain Socket transport

    • NEW: Windows: Support Unix Domain Sockets same as other platforms

    • NEW: Windows: Build using native pthreads, async dns, ipv6 on MSVC

    • NEW: lws_struct: BLOB support

    • NEW: lws_sul: Now provides two sorted timer domains, a default one as before, and another whose scheduled events are capable to wake the system from suspend

    • NEW: System Message Distribution: lws_smd provides a very lightweight way to pass short messages between subsystems both in RTOS type case where the subsystems are all on the lws event loop, and in the case participants are in different processes, using Secure Streams proxying. Participants register a bitmap of message classes they care about; if no particpant cares about a particular message, it is rejected at allocation time for the sender, making it cheap to provide messages speculatively. See lib/system/smd/ for full details.

    • NEW: lws_drivers: wrappers for SDK driver abstractions (or actual drivers) See lib/drivers/, example implementations minimal-examples/embedded/esp32/esp-wrover-kit - generic gpio - generic LED (by name) lib/drivers/led/ - generic PWM, sophisticated interpolated table sequencers with crossfade
      - generic button (by name), with debounce and press classification emitting rich SMD click, long-click, double-click, down, repeat, up JSON messages lib/drivers/button/ - bitbang i2c on generic gpio (hw support can use same abstract API) - bitbang spi on generic gpio (hw support can use same abstract API) - generic display object, can be wired up to controller drivers that hook up by generic i2c or spi, generic backlight PWM sequencing and blanking timer support - generic settings storage: get and set blobs by name - generic network device: netdev abstract class with WIFI / Ethernet implementations using underlying SDK APIs; generic 80211 Scan managements and credentials handling via lws_settings This is the new way to provide embedded platform functionality that was in the past done like esp32-factory. Unlike the old way, the new way has no native apis in it and can be built on other SDK / SoCs the same.

    • NEW: Security-aware JWS JWT (JSON Web Tokens) apis are provided on top of the existing JOSE / JWS apis. All the common algorithms are available along with some high level apis like lws http cookie -> JWT struct -> lws http cookie.

    • REMOVED: esp32-helper and friends used by esp32-factory now lws_drivers exists

    • REMOVED: generic sessions and friends now JWT is provided

  • v4.0.19

    June 20, 2020
  • v4.0.18

    June 19, 2020
  • v4.0.17

    June 19, 2020
  • v4.0.16

    June 12, 2020
  • v4.0.15

    June 03, 2020
  • v4.0.13

    May 25, 2020
  • v4.0.12

    May 24, 2020
  • v4.0.10

    May 15, 2020
  • v4.0.9

    May 12, 2020