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  • libcurl

    9.8 9.8 L2 C
    A command line tool and library for transferring data with URL syntax, supporting DICT, FILE, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER, GOPHERS, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, IMAPS, LDAP, LDAPS, MQTT, POP3, POP3S, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, SCP, SFTP, SMB, SMBS, SMTP, SMTPS, TELNET and TFTP. libcurl offers a myriad of powerful features
  • Muduo

    9.6 4.2 L4 C++
    Event-driven network library for multi-threaded Linux server in C++11
  • uWebSockets

    9.5 8.0 C++
    Simple, secure & standards compliant web server for the most demanding of applications
  • µWebSockets

    Tiny WebSockets
  • KCP

    9.4 3.4 C
    :zap: KCP - A Fast and Reliable ARQ Protocol
  • Proxygen

    9.2 9.9 L4 C++
    A collection of C++ HTTP libraries including an easy to use HTTP server.
  • Mongoose

    9.2 9.5 L3 C
    Embedded Web Server
  • POCO

    9.1 9.1 L2 C++
    The POCO C++ Libraries are powerful cross-platform C++ libraries for building network- and internet-based applications that run on desktop, server, mobile, IoT, and embedded systems.
  • C++ REST SDK

    9.1 3.4 L1 C++
    The C++ REST SDK is a Microsoft project for cloud-based client-server communication in native code using a modern asynchronous C++ API design. This project aims to help C++ developers connect to and interact with services.
  • WebSocket++

    9.0 0.0 L2 C++
    C++ websocket client/server library
  • Seastar

    9.0 9.6 L1 C++
    High performance server-side application framework
  • C++ Workflow

    8.9 9.6 C++
    C++ Parallel Computing and Asynchronous Networking Engine. Simple C++ HTTP Library.
  • cpp-httplib

    8.9 8.6 C++
    A C++ header-only HTTP/HTTPS server and client library
  • libwebsockets

    8.3 9.7 L2 C
    canonical networking library
  • RakNet

    8.3 0.0 HTML
    RakNet is a cross platform, open source, C++ networking engine for game programmers.
  • nghttp2

    8.3 9.6 L1 C++
    nghttp2 - HTTP/2 C Library and tools
  • cpr

    8.3 8.7 L2 C++
    C++ Requests: Curl for People, a spiritual port of Python Requests.
  • evpp

    8.1 2.1 C++
    A modern C++ network library for developing high performance network services in TCP/UDP/HTTP protocols.
  • Boost.Beast

    7.9 7.2 C++
    HTTP and WebSocket built on Boost.Asio in C++11
  • boost.beast(new repo)

    7.9 7.2 C++
    HTTP and WebSocket built on Boost.Asio in C++11
  • Simple-Web-Server

    7.7 0.0 L4 C++
    A very simple, fast, multithreaded, platform independent HTTP and HTTPS server and client library implemented using C++11 and Boost.Asio. Created to be an easy way to make REST resources available from C++ applications.
  • wdt

    7.6 4.2 C++
    Warp speed Data Transfer (WDT) is an embeddedable library (and command line tool) aiming to transfer data between 2 systems as fast as possible over multiple TCP paths.
  • cpp-netlib

    7.3 0.5 L2 C++
    The C++ Network Library Project -- cross-platform, standards compliant networking library.

    7.0 2.2 C
    A protocol for secure client/server connections over UDP
  • libquic

    6.9 0.0 C++
    QUIC, a multiplexed stream transport over UDP
  • Onion

    6.9 4.2 L4 C
    C library to create simple HTTP servers and Web Applications.
  • PcapPlusPlus

    6.9 8.4 C++
    PcapPlusPlus is a multiplatform C++ library for capturing, parsing and crafting of network packets. It is designed to be efficient, powerful and easy to use. It provides C++ wrappers for the most popular packet processing engines such as libpcap, WinPcap, DPDK and PF_RING.
  • Restbed

    6.8 5.1 L4 C++
    Corvusoft's Restbed framework brings asynchronous RESTful functionality to C++14 applications.
  • Silicon

    6.6 0.0 L4 C++
    A high performance, middleware oriented C++14 http web framework please use matt-42/lithium instead
  • Dyad.c

    6.2 0.0 L3 C
    Asynchronous networking for C