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CLI libraries

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  • gflags

    7.3 2.9 L2 C++
    Commandline flags module for C++. [BSD]
  • termbox

    6.7 3.2 L4 C
    A C library for writing text-based user interfaces. [BSD]
  • jarro2783/cxxopts

    6.3 6.5 C++
    Lightweight C++ command line option parser. [MIT]
  • rang

    5.4 3.5 L4 C++
    A Minimal, Header only Modern c++ library for colors in your terminal
  • docopt.cpp

    5.3 1.8 L3 C++
    A library to generate option parser from docstring. [MIT/Boost]
  • Taywee/args

    5.0 5.1 C++
    A simple header-only C++ argument parser library. [MIT]
  • args

    5.0 5.1 L1 C++
    A simple header-only C++ argument parser library. Supposed to be flexible and powerful, and attempts to be compatible with the functionality of the Python standard argparse library (though not necessarily the API).
  • Argh!

    3.9 4.8 C++
    A minimalist, frustration-free, header-only argument handler. [BSD]
  • clipp

    3.8 5.9 C++
    easy to use, powerful & expressive command line argument parsing for modern C++ / single header / usage & doc generation
  • Boost.Program_options

    2.9 4.0 L3 C++
    A library to obtain program options via conventional methods such as command line and config file. [Boost]
  • Clip Library

    1.8 7.2 L3 C++
    Cross-platform C++ library to copy/paste clipboard content

    - -
    A mature, stable and feature-rich library for defining and accessing command line arguments in ANSI C++. [MIT]
  • Ncurses

    - -
    A terminal user interfaces. [MIT]