libevent v2.1.12-stable Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-07-05 // about 3 years ago

Previous changes from v2.1.11

  • This release contains one ABI breakage fix (that had been introduced in
    2.1.10 , and strictly speaking this release breaks ABI again to make it
    compatible with 2.1.9 and less, please take a look at 1810497 for more
    ๐Ÿ›  details). Apart from that it contains some bug fixes, that grouped below.

    And even though the return value for evbuffer_setcb() had been changed it
    should ABI compatible (anyway that function is in -compat.h header).

    There is also one patch that introduce new functionality, this is 546a366,
    to tune SO_RCVBUF/SO_SNDBUF in evdns, but one can count it as a bug-fix on
    the application level, since before you cannot tune this settings and hence
    you could stumble on problems.

    P.S. please use dist archives, i.e. libevent-2.1.11-stable.tar.gz (not the sources generated by github automatically)