json-c v0.12 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-04-11 // over 7 years ago
    • Address security issues:

      • CVE-2013-6371: hash collision denial of service
      • CVE-2013-6370: buffer overflow if size_t is larger than int
    • Avoid potential overflow in json_object_get_double

    • Eliminate the mc_abort() function and MC_ABORT macro.

    • Make the json_tokener_errors array local. It has been deprecated for a while, and json_tokener_error_desc() should be used instead.

    • change the floating point output format to %.17g so values with more than 6 digits show up in the output.

    • Remove the old libjson.so name compatibility support. The library is only created as libjson-c.so now and headers are only installed into the ${prefix}/json-c directory.

    • When supported by the linker, add the -Bsymbolic-functions flag.

    • Various changes to fix the build on MSVC.

    • Make strict mode more strict:

      • number must not start with 0
      • no single-quote strings
      • no comments
      • trailing char not allowed
      • only allow lowercase literals
    • Added a json_object_new_double_s() convenience function to allow an exact string representation of a double to be specified when creating the object and use it in json_tokener_parse_ex() so a re-serialized object more exactly matches the input.

    • Add support NaN and Infinity