JavaCpp v0.10 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-12-23 // over 7 years ago
    • Fix multiple "platform.preload" or "platform.preloadpath" properties not getting considered by the Loader
    • Fix some Parser exceptions on valid declarations with template arguments, macro expansions, or overloaded cast operators, and make Info.javaName usable in the case of enum
    • Disable DocLint, which prevents the build from succeeding on Java 8 (issue #5)
    • Add new indexer package containing a set of Indexer for easy and efficient multidimensional access of arrays and buffers (issue javacv:317)
    • Use Long.decode() inside the Tokenizer to test more precisely when integer values are larger than 32 bits
    • Have the Parser produce @Name("operator=") ... put(... ) methods for standard C++ containers, avoiding mistaken calls to Pointer.put(Pointer) (issue bytedeco/javacv#34)
    • Let the Parser apply Info.skip in the case of macros as well
    • Remove warning log messages when using the @Raw annotation
    • Let @Virtual @MemberGetter annotated methods return member function pointers of functions defined with @Virtual, useful for frameworks like Cocos2d-x
    • Fix NullPointerException when leaving the includePath, linkPath, or preloadPath Mojo parameter empty
    • Add Info.virtualize to have the Parser generate @Virtual abstract for pure virtual functions in the given classes
    • Add @Virtual annotation and update Generator to support callback by overriding such annotated native or abstract methods
    • Add hack for typedef void* definitions and parameters with a double indirection to them