ffead-cpp v1.8 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-03-18 // about 7 years ago
  • 👍 CORS Filter support for corss origin resource sharing
    🔄 Changes to XML/JSON/Binary Serialization
    🚚 Moved common code to a new SerializeBase? class
    👍 Modified the AMEF Protocol classes for better binary serialization support
    ➕ Added support for handling namespaces and nested classes in Reflection
    🛠 Fixed the Date/DateFormat? classes for all issues related to parsing/formatting/updating dates
    ➕ Added new Multipartcontent object for handling multipart requests
    ➕ Added gzip/deflate compression for responses
    ➕ Added chunked transfer encoding support
    ➕ Added Last Modified/If-Modified-Since header based cache support
    🚚 Moved request/response headers to a map instead of properties
    🛠 Fixed the HttpResponseParser? class
    🛠 Fixed the JSONUtil class for error in json parsing
    🛠 Introduced a new LoggerFactory? class to handle multiple loggers, fixed the Logger class
    👍 Introduced Futures based Thread pooling support
    🛠 Fixed various web service issues/problems
    ⏱ Introduced JobScheduler? class for job scheduling
    ➕ Added a new CronTimer? class for handling cron times
    👍 Introduced stream based single/multi File upload support in Rest Controllers
    ➕ Added a few new html pages for testing/sanity
    🛠 Fixed the accpetance test related files
    ➕ Added a couple of new classes in the default app for testing new features
    🛠 Fixed the afc.js file to resolve existing issues
    🛠 Fixed an existing issue with namespace handling within the Element class
    0️⃣ Introduced new properties for connection keep-alive, transfer encoding chunk size, default content encoding method, max number of input headers and max file upload size to the server.prop config file
    🔄 Changed the web-service related template files for better web service support