Lightweight cross-platform profiler library for c++

You can profile any function in you code. Furthermore this library provide measuring time of any block of code. For example, information for 12 millions of blocks is using less than 300Mb of memory. Working profiler slows your application execution for only 1-2%.

Disabled profiler will not affect your application execution in any way. You can leave it in your Release build and enable it at run-time at any moment during application launch to see what is happening at the moment.

Also the library can capture system's context switch events between threads. Context switch information includes duration, target thread id, thread owner process id, thread owner process name.

You can see the results of measuring in simple GUI application which provides full statistics and renders beautiful time-line.

Code Quality Rank: L1
Programming language: C++
Tags: Debug     Benchmark     Profiler     Performance    

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