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  • v2.10.16 Changes

    April 25, 2020
    • 🍎 PR#1383 CMake fixes + CMake search for OpenSSL (macOS)
    • ⚑️ PR#1392 Update submodule websocketpp to 0.8.2
    • 🐎 PR#1393 Do not report errors (such as EBADF and EINVAL) from setsockopt here, since this is a performance optimization only, and hard errors will be picked up by the following operation
    • PR#1379 Fix compilation with GCC 4.8/4.9, which was broken by commit 53fab3a.
    • πŸ‘ PR#1328 Add support for HTTP redirection in ASIO and WinHTTP-based http_clients
    • πŸ— PR#1332 Fix more http test build fails in certain configurations
    • 🚚 PR#1370 Remove redundant std::move noted by gcc 9.2 (-Wredundant-move)
    • πŸ›  PR#1372 Static analyzer (PVS Studio) fixes
    • 🏁 PR#1350 Expose json::value::parse for UTF8 string on Windows
    • πŸ— PR#1344 libcpprestsdk: fix building as a static library
      -- cpprestsdk team [email protected] FRI, 24 Apr 2020 16:56:00 -0700
  • v2.10.15 Changes

    February 24, 2020
    • πŸš€ Extremely special thanks to @garethsb-sony for a large number of contributions in this release
    • β†ͺ PR#1209 Workarounds for two GCC 4.7.2 bugs with lambda functions
    • πŸš€ PR#1220 Fix SxS debug-release builds with Visual Studio
    • PR#1219 Fix "Data" to "Date" in the HTTP Server API mapping, and clarify that the indices of these values match the HTTP_HEADER_ID values for HTTP_REQUEST_HEADERS but not HTTP_RESPONSE_HEADERS
    • PR#1196 Fixing of connections_and_errors::cancel_with_error test which sometimes fires false positive error "There are no pending calls to next_request."
    • PR#1233 Trim whitespace and nulls the same way.
    • PR#1248 Avoid using permissive- with ZW which breaks VS2019
    • πŸ‘ PR#1182 Support for WinHTTPAL curl-to-WinHTTP adapter
    • PR#1253 http_server_httpsys.cpp requires linking against httpapi.lib, http_client_winhttp.cpp does not.
    • 🚚 PR#1263 Remove trailing slash on websocketpp submodule url, which causes checkout failure on CircleCI with git 2.22.0
    • ⚑️ PR#1293 Update vcpkg and remove tests that look for web servers that no longer exist
    • βœ… PR#1288 Fix test case broken by commit f4c863b
    • PR#1276 Added comparison overrides to utility::datetime
    • ⚠ PR#1289 Fix various warnings reported by gcc 9.3, and possibly earlier versions
    • ⚑️ PR#1334 Update vcpkg and boost on Android
    • 0️⃣ PR#1306 Change default installation directory for cmake files to cmake/cpprestsdk
    • PR#1330 Use LC_ALL_MASK rather than LC_ALL when calling newlocale
    • PR#1310 Add TCP_NODELAY to disable Nagle's algorithm in Boost.ASIO-based http_client
    • πŸ›  PR#1335 Turn VS2015 back on now that vcpkg is fixed.
    • πŸ‘ PR#1322 Enable HTTP compression support on all platforms
    • βœ… PR#1340 Add Ubuntu 18.04 testing.
    • 🍎 PR#1342 Use C++11 synchronization classes under macOS too
    • PR#1339 Fix tcp::resolver data race in the asio backend and be defensive against empty results
      -- cpprestsdk team [email protected] THR, 22 Feb 2020 08:31:00 -0800
  • v2.10.14 Changes

    July 16, 2019
    • Potential breaking change warning: This release changes the "default" proxy for the WinHTTP backend to go back to WINHTTP_ACCESS_TYPE_DEFAULT_PROXY. See 60e067e for more details. To get automatic WPAD behavior, set the proxy to auto detect.
    • πŸš€ macOS with Brew and iOS builds have been disabled and are no longer being tested because our dependency boost for ios project appears to be broken with current releases of XCode as on the Azure Pipelines machines. We are interested in macOS / iOS folks who know what's going on here in contributing a repair to turn this back on.
    • PR##1133 Add switches to make apiscan happy.
    • PR##1130 json: {"meow"} is not a valid object
    • PR##1150 Undefine compress if it is defined by zconf.h
    • πŸ— PR##1156 Fix broken CI Builds
    • PR##1155 Use EVP_MAX_MD_SIZE instead of HMAC_MAX_MD_CBLOCK
    • 🚚 PR##1145 Remove the address_configured flag on tcp::resolver::query
    • PR##1143 add ping and pong to message handler
    • PR##539 Fix reusing ASIO http_client connecting to HTTPS server via proxy
    • PR##1175 Fix issue #1171: Order of object destruction
    • πŸ‘ PR##1183 FIX: SSL proxy tunnel support with basic auth
    • PR##1184 Fix profile being set on the compiler instead of the linker.
    • ⚑️ PR##1185 Update boost-for-android for Android NDK r20 and disable macOS Homebrew.
    • PR##1187 Replace CPPREST_TARGET_XP with version checks, remove ""s, and other cleanup
    • 🚚 PR##1188 Remove proxy settings detection behavior in "default proxy mode."
      -- cpprestsdk team [email protected] TUE, 16 Jul 2019 09:06:00 +0200
  • v2.10.13 Changes

    April 25, 2019
    • PR#1120 Fix off by one error in leap years before year 2000, and bad day names
    • 🚚 PR#1117 Parse and emit years from 1900 to 9999, and remove environment variable dependence on Android
    • πŸ–¨ PR#1106 Paranoia for overflow of sprintf buffer in the year 10000
    • ⏱ PR#1101 Update request_timeout_microsecond timeout
    • PR#1097 Allow error handling for time out in http_client_asio handle_connect
    • PR#1094 Avoid tripping over 32 bit time_t mistakes.
    • PR#1093 Don't initialize atomic_flag with 0.
      -- cpprestsdk team [email protected] WED, 24 Apr 2019 10:57:00 -0800
  • v2.10.12 Changes

    March 27, 2019
    • PR#1088 Fix data race, GitHub #1085
    • PR#1084 Fix oauth nonces containing nulls.
    • β†ͺ PR#1082 Workaround data-race on websocketpp's _htonll function
    • PR#1080 Fix thread not joined
    • πŸ“œ PR#1076 Rewrite date formatting and parsing
      -- cpprestsdk team [email protected] TUE, 26 Mar 2019 11:57:00 -0800
  • v2.10.11 Changes

    March 20, 2019
    • PR##1073 Move get_jvm_env back into the crossplat namespace
    • PR##1049 Add the missing ssl::context callback in websocket_client_config
    • PR##1072 Gate stdext::checked_array_iterator usage on _ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL
    • PR##1051 Fix http_client_asio "https" with a proxy
    • PR##1071 Add --vcpkg-root to repair UWP.
    • PR##1041 Update Boost_for_android for Android R19
    • βœ… PR##1064 Enable testing from root directory
    • 🏁 PR##1057 Returns int64 value in function of seeking to file end on x64 Windows.
    • PR##1068 Don't close the output stream when reporting errors reading the body.
    • ⚑️ PR##1053 Update vcpkg.
    • PR##1032 Fix HTTP/1.0 'Keep-Alive' handling in http_client
  • v2.10.10 Changes

    January 30, 2019
    • πŸ“œ PR#1023 Handle multi-byte unicode characters in json parsing
    • πŸ‘ PR#1033 Temporary fix for VS2013. Note that VS2013 is still not in support. -- cpprestsdk team [email protected] TUE, 29 Jan 2019 22:38:00 -0800
  • v2.10.9 Changes

    January 19, 2019
    • βœ… PR#973 Address gcc warnings-as-errors in compression code, test improvements
    • PR#986 Prevent infinite loop during proxy authentication
    • 🚚 PR#987 Remove use of aligned_union that broke CentOS 7.
    • πŸ— PR#1004 #993, #1002: Add flexibility for iOS building. Adds command line args…
    • PR#1009 gcc: Fix compilation with -fno-operator-names
    • PR#1019 FIX: crash with std::logic_error when reusing a connection that timed out on the server
    • πŸ“œ PR#1021 handle null bytes when parsing utf8
    • πŸ— PR#1017 Add in support for adding i386 slice when building for 32-bit targets. Also improve messaging and add means to clean
    • πŸ— PR#1024 http_compression.cpp: fix build with gcc 4.7
    • πŸ†“ PR#1022 Resolve double free when WinHttpSendRequest fails
  • v2.10.8 Changes

    November 14, 2018
    • PR#938 Allow ppltasks.h and pplxtasks.h to co-exist
    • PR#951 Fix incorrect const in reinterpret_cast
    • PR#955 Fix UWP missing header
    • πŸ‘ PR#956 Adds support for OpenSSL 1.1.1
    • πŸ— PR#959 Fix Android build issue by remove the crossplat name space before android parameters
    • ⚑️ PR#960 Update vcpkg to latest master to fix VS2015 build.
    • 🏁 PR#966 Fix string size for error message generated by windows_category
    • πŸ— PR#958 Add uri_builder::append_path_raw(...) to allow adding elements to path intentionally beginning with '/' ("//" will result in the final path value)
    • PR#952 cmake: add code to detect system brotli library
    • PR#963 Fix Brotli compress_helper early termination issue
    • πŸ— PR#961 Fixes iOS builds and makes it more future proof -- cpprestsdk team [email protected] WED, 14 Nov 2018 10:24:00 -0800
  • v2.10.7 Changes

    October 31, 2018

    cpprestsdk (2.10.7)

    • cpprestsdk now has Azure Pipelines continuous integration.
    • πŸ— Builds for Android and iOS were repaired, now checked in Azure Pipelines to make sure that doesn't bit-rot in the future.
    • βœ… Several race conditions in the listener were worked around; the listeners remain experimental and are unlikely to productized in their current form; the race conditions are structural, but at least the client tests pass most of the time.
    • Incorrect handling of connection pooling bug that caused segfaults on Ubuntu introduced in 2.10.4 has been repaired.
    • ⚑️ websocketpp checked in 0.5.1 version has been changed to a submodule and updated to 0.8.1.
    • βž• Added an API to set the number of threads in the asio thread pool, see PR#883
    • Legacy unmaintained Visual Studio project files have been deleted, please use CMake instead.
    • ⏱ PR#670 Export methods to set/get the ambient scheduler in cpprest dll
    • πŸ‘ PR#866 Add Transfer-Encoding compression support and extensible compression API
    • PR#892 Improve utf8_to_utf16 speed for common path
    • PR#897 added URI resolution according to RFC3986
    • PR#935 Fix spelling mistakes across the library
    • PR#936 Use pplx namespace consistently
    • PR#937 Remove _ASYNCRTIMP from ~http_listener() and implement inline
    • PR#940 Avoid using identifiers reserved by C++ in header guards
    • PR#943 blackjack sample: use vector instead of shared pointer for array
      -- cpprestsdk team [email protected] MON, 30 Oct 2018 20:32:00 -0800

    cpprestsdk (2.10.6)

    • πŸ— PR#844 Fix clang build error
      -- cpprestsdk team [email protected] MON, 30 Aug 2018 16:51:00 -0800

    cpprestsdk (2.10.5)

    • Issue#842 Fix incorrect cpprest/version.h
      -- cpprestsdk team [email protected] FRI, 17 Aug 2018 09:47:00 -0800

    cpprestsdk (2.10.4)

    • βž• Added a .clang-format to enable consistent formatting.
    • βž• Added support for Host: headers changing the checked CNAME field for SSL certificates in WinHTTP and Asio.
    • 0️⃣ PR#736 passes 0666 to open() for creating files to better match the default behavior for other http clients (wget, etc).
    • πŸ— PR#732 fixes a build issue with clang
    • PR#737 taught our cmake to respect the GNUInstallDirs variables
    • PR#762 improved handling of dead connections in the connection pool on Asio.
    • PR#750 improved error handling in the accept() call in http_listener
    • πŸ— PR#776 improved the iOS buildsystem
      -- cpprestsdk team [email protected] WED, 15 Aug 2018 12:35:00 -0800

    cpprestsdk (2.10.3)

    • βž• Added a root CMakeLists.txt to improve support for VS2017 Open Folder.
    • πŸ‘ PR#809 improves support for /permissive- in MSVC
    • πŸ›  Issue#804 fixed a regression due to compression support; we no longer fail on unknown Content-Encoding headers if we did not set Accepts-Encoding
    • πŸ— PR#813 fixes build failure with boost 1.63
    • ⚠ PR#779 PR#787 suppress and fix some warnings with new versions of gcc and clang
      -- cpprestsdk team [email protected] THU, 2 Aug 2018 15:52:00 -0800