bredis v0.08 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-08-10 // 12 days ago
    • 😌 relaxed c++ compiler requirements: c++11 can be used instead of c++14

Previous changes from v0.07

    • ✅ minor parsing speed improvements (upto 10% in synthetic tests)
    • 🛠 fix compilation issues on boost::asio 1.70
    • make it possible to use DynamicBuffer_v2 (dynamic_string_buffer, dynamic_vector_buffer)
      from boost::asio 1.70 in addition to streambuf. DynamicBuffer_v1 was actually never
      👌 supported by bredis
    • [API breakage] boos::asio::use_future cannot be used with bredis and boost::asio
      👀 prior v1.70 (see issue). If you need
      ⬆️ use_future then either upgrade boost::asio or use previous bredis version.