bredis v0.02 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-06-24 // almost 4 years ago
    • ➕ added windows support
    • ➕ added coroutines & futures support
    • 👍 generalised (templated) buffer support
    • 🔄 changed return type: instead of result of parsing just result markers are returned, extraction of result can be done as separate step
    • ⬇️ dropped queing support (queuing policy should be implemented at more higher levels)
    • ⬇️ dropped subscription support (can be implemented at higher levels)
    • ⬇️ dropped internal buffers (can be implemented at higher levels)
    • ⬇️ dropped explicit cancellation (socket reference can be passed to connector, and cancellation
      can be done on the socket object outside of the connector)