Bond is an open source, cross-platform framework for working with schematized data. It supports cross-language serialization/deserialization and powerful generic mechanisms for efficiently manipulating data. Bond is broadly used at Microsoft in high scale services.

We are also introducing the Bond Communications framework--known as Bond Comm--which allows for remote process communication. Currently, we are making the C# version of this framework available; the C++ version will be released in the coming weeks. This framework is based on is the successor to an internal framework that is used by several large services inside Microsoft. Bond Comm is undergoing active evolution at this time and so we are marking the initial release as version 0.5. Consult the C# manual for more details on Bond Comm's usage and capabilities.

Bond is published on GitHub at https://github.com/Microsoft/bond/.

For details, see the User's Manuals for C++, C# and Python, and the documentation of the compiler tool and library.

For a discussion how Bond compares to similar frameworks see Why Bond.

Code Quality Rank: L3
Monthly Downloads: 111
Programming language: C#
License: MIT License

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